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Kenosha trying to find its footing, trying to get through this trying to sort through the legal ramifications. WTMJ is Tony Braddock has spent a lot of time down in Kenosha over the past year. He is there again today. And Tony. Is there a mood in the city? Or does it feel like another Monday? Is this kind of permeating what's happening? They're not so much. Yeah, it's a little bit of both John. There seems to be this moment of reflection for a lot of people a little bit more somber in that regard, But then there are still people going about their day. But I did have a chance to talk with some of the business owners who really came together after some of the violence and destruction. Resulting from the police shooting of Jacob Blake. They said, Really, it's a day for them to remember about what happened. But that collective spirit of Kenosha coming together and moving forward, and that's where a lot of people feel comfortable and saying that they have made progress in just the last year, But there is still work to do, and it is a day to remember what happened in their city. But also it is the moment that's not reflective of who truly Kenosha people are about. So Tony, obviously, community members recovering healing from a year ago. What kind of progress have have they made and what do they see that needs to still change? A lot of it is a lot of the marches that came about after the shooting, just seeing people. I spoke with a group of young activists who are in high school, saying a lot of their white counterparts are with them or were with them as they March for justice and wanted to see that racial equality. So I think that was more of an eye opening moment for them had a chance to sit down with an ocean County Sheriff David Beth as well today, who said That I mean, even his department made a lot of work in the last year compared to other years when it comes to race based training when it comes to police community relations, But they do know that there is still work to do, but they are able to kind of hang their hat on the fact that they are taking steps forward. And to resolve the police community relations. WTMJ is Tony Bedrock. Thanks, Tony..

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