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Coming up next, traffic and weather together on the fives mornings and severe weather when it happens. News talk. Eight fifty W F T L. Stay connected this month. Aaa members get a twenty percent discount at Napa so avoid getting stranded by picking up things like that Reese, brake pads and more quality parts, helpful people. That's Napa know how at participating Napa auto stores. Exclusions may apply may not be combined. With other offers offer ends three thirty one nineteen hiring. Aren't you? Tired of hoping the right candidates? See your job posts and apply. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That's why you should try ZipRecruiter for free at ZipRecruiter dot com slash work. Instead of waiting for great candidates to find you. Zip Recruiter finds qualified candidates for you and invite them to apply, then it's powerful technology reviews every application and even spotlights the top candidates. Which means you never miss a great match. So instead of hoping you find that needle in the haystack. Ziprecruiter finds it for you. And hiring is a whole lot easier. Four on five employers who post a job in ZipRecruiter get a quality candidate through the site within the first day ZipRecruiter. The smartest way to hire. And now you can try ZipRecruiter for free. That's right free. Just go to this exclusive web address, ZipRecruiter dot com slash work. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash work. Ziprecruiter dot com slash work. Now have a new hero is might interest. And he could be yours. Doctor Jeffrey Cohen, he is the greatest cosmetic dentist in all the world years ago. I don't know if you've ever heard the story lost to frontier with a polo mallet. Thank you very much. So some corrective work done, and I only went to the best. Dr. Jeffrey Cohen smile is perfect now. Thank you. So very much. No lists no problems. It's just wonderful. So maybe I mean, you're looking for a new smile, maybe you've never been happy with yours. They did a recent survey like seventy six percent of Americans say, they're not happy with their smile. That's the case you need to call Mike. I Dr Jeffrey Cohen five six nine six seven eighty two hundred that's five six one nine six seven eight two zero zero you tell him I sent you in your first appointments complementary and who gets anything for free these days, but if you're afraid of the dentist hill fit the Bill to because he caters to cowards Dr Jeffrey Cohen at forest hill in military in West Palm..

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