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Fans are a little livid about it, too. So the Steelers are going to have the ball about the Buffalo 22 yard line, trailing by a score of 10 to 6. The Bills had another fourth and one in Pittsburgh territory at the Pittsburgh 41. They got cute. Josh Allen threw a backwards past and Matt Brita I don't think Brita was going to throw the ball because from what I could see, there weren't any bills receivers in the pattern, so I don't know exactly what they were thinking. Unless they're going to go back to Alan. Possibly I. It was blown up so quickly by Cameron Sutton. That we really didn't get a chance to see what the bills had in mind on that play, but it was a backwards pass that they lost eight yards on so that the Steelers were able to start this drive on the Buffalo on their own 48 yard line. And no Najee Harris finally is getting a chance to find some yardage, which he hasn't been able to do all game. Just a little while ago he had a nine yard run, and he just had another Fairly long run now, so now in 18 yard run, so the Pittsburgh Steelers are now going to have a first and goal on the Buffalo five yard line and you were. We were talking a little bit earlier about. Maybe the Pittsburgh Steelers should go for a touchdown as they had a first and goal or a third goal situation in the fourth and goal situation. They settled. For Boswell 20 yard field goal so that he has two short field goals by Boswell. We see if they can get their first touchdown of this game and take the lead in this game. As they got the first and goal from the Buffalo five yard line, and before I leave, I just want to see if they happen to score on this play, and they do. So the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to take the lead. It was a bobble play by in the end zone, but it's going to be a touchdown by Deontay Johnson, a five yard TD he was well covered by one by Wallace. But, yeah, that's going to be a good catch in the Steelers are going to take the lead, and we'll see if they get the extra point. But either way they are going to have the lead right now. It is 12 10 pending the extra point staler, sending a little bit of an early statement that they're still here and trying to make the playoffs this year. What a catch. That was, though by the anti Johnson. I think he got both feet in bounds so The Steelers up, we'll see if they could finish the game. There was a turnover from the Washington football team where the Chargers able to capitalize Let's go to the Rooster and Chris Russell. Yes, they were Zack and they've taken a 2016 lead with 11 21 left to go Justin Herbert just hooking up on the three yard touchdown throw and catch for Mike Williams in the back quarter of the end zone. Right after that turnover that you were talking about, which was Antonio Gibson. He was upended and fumbled and it was forced by Qaseer White and recovered by Kenneth Murray. Uh, for the Chargers, and that was just moments after Justin Herbert was picked off inside the Washington five yard line by William Jackson, the third who, of course, signed a big contract, leaving Cincinnati and coming over to Washington. It was the second red zone turnover of the half for the Chargers earlier And I don't think we even got a chance to talk about this month has sweat sacked, Herbert forced a fumble. Oddly, it came as he was throwing the ball shot forward. They ruled it a fumble. They reviewed it, and they kept it as such, despite replays, looking like he was actually throwing the ball so that resulted in a touchback and again a turnover for the Chargers because they were so deep in Washington. Territory. So really, the charges have hurt themselves here, and that's why they only have now a four point lead 20 to 16 with 11 21 left to go again. The big other story in this one is Ryan Fitzpatrick, out with a hip, of course, has not returned when ruled out. He left after just six throwing attempts and 13 yards. In his Washington debut. Taylor Hi, Nikki 10 of 13, a Buck 21 a touchdown and 1 30.6 quarterback rating So far for the Washington football team who trail Los Angeles 22 16 Jack back to you Now, with a little over 11 minutes to go in that contest, we are in the fourth quarter. Under 10 minutes to go, and this one Seattle and Indianapolis, Let's go to Tom McCabe. Yeah. Nine minutes and 56 seconds to be exact here, and the score is the same as it was at the half 21 to 10 Seattle with the lead the defense's for both teams, really taking over. In the third quarter and early here in the fourth quarter. Carson Wentz was just sacked, and it was very costly for Indianapolis. His third sack of the afternoon. It came on fourth down is Indianapolis was driving, trying to put some points on the board. They were down to the 15 yard line of of Seattle, but again once us sacked, and so, um Seattle takes over right now. Tried to put some more points on the board Carson Wentz, making his first start for Indianapolis after not playing at all during the preseason and missing most of our most of the practices. So far this afternoon. He is 19 of 34 184 yards again. He has been sacked three times. Russell Wilson, who's just completed a 20 yard pass is now gone over 200 yards for the game. He's completed 15 of 20. He's also been sacked three times and again. This goes back to the third quarter, when both of the defenses are shining. For both teams. As far as the Russian game goes Indianapolis lacking there, which just 70 total yards 122 for Seattle, Chris Carson with 81 of those Tyler Lockett with 96 yards receiving for Seattle. He has to Big touchdown catches this afternoon. So again, we have nine minutes and 20 seconds to go in this game, and Seattle has the ball and a 21 to 10 lead over Indianapolis. Every game right now is in the second half. Most games are in the fourth quarter. How are they going to end you'll find out when we come on back, and if you're interested In a little wager. If you're believing in Buffalo, I know that it's been a sloppy offensive day for the bills. They're down by three. If you still think the bills are going to come back and win on the live line right now, you can get them as a 2.5 point underdog. And plus 1 10 on the money line will tell you how the second half does play out how the fourth quarter all comes to a close when we come on back. This is ion football. Was that guilt? First up? Let's get an update in here is Seth Cantor. CBS for sale. Sports Flag. All right, Zack, this report sponsored by five hour energy, It's the one when you got to get stuff done..

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