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Back to work Monday, mild with periods of rain, a high of fifty two right now thirty. Three at O'Hare thirty five at the lakefront and thirty two in Saint Charles WBZ news time one twenty. Our top story this hour, the house passes to bills to end the government shutdown but an impasse remains with the Senate and the White House. Why much more undistorted coming up at one thirty one Kane counties new sheriff spent last night in a jail cell something he says he plans to do about once a month. WBZ's EM's Bernie to foia explains. Sheriff Ron Haines says it's jail not the Ritz Carlton, but he wants to make sure conditions are humane. So he wore what inmates where used the same kind of blanket and toiletries and ate the same food meal. So mingled with detainees play chess with one of the guys and was reminded that I need to brush up on my chest. Because he he he crossed me one condition. Sheriff Haynes says could use changing the breakfast. He liked to see the regular choice of a baloney sandwich and juice change to the kosher offering. This is something that everybody would eat hack. My son would make my fifteen year old will come in here and enjoy this breakfast, and it was peanut butter and jelly. Sandwich and some Corp lake cereal with smoking and apple juice burning to foia NewsRadio on one zero five point nine. FM? Police are investigating the death of a man who was found dead last week in a wooded area in a western suburb. According to the Lyle police forty four year old Sean see temple was found by a person riding an ATV about one forty five pm on December twenty six in the woods, south of Warrenville road and white Birch drive and examination by the dupage county coroner's office found at temple had no visible trauma to his body. Police say temple most recently lived in Chicago and Roselle water tower place is changing the.

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