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Right. But we're open again. And the author of a big Caps Guide to Chicago eats Lieutenant David Haines is with us for a restaurant review, Lieutenant. Let me turn your microphone first. That helps, uh, actually, like I said, I was down on Randolph Street. This actually turned out to be a weird coincidence. So I I'm here. I'm going to talk about JP Graciano Grocery and 901 West Randolph. And this this came up. This was recommended by a police officer named Bob Calendar and in the 20th district, who just recently got nominated for a special commendation for a big thing They did up there in the lake front. Good for him. It started off with package stuffs and led to a wide ranging a bunch of arrested for all kinds of stuff, drugs and everything else so Um, they're saying there thanks to him Speaking on behalf of all the citizens of Chicago, it was package thieves are really tired anyway. So so he recommended a JP Graciano grocery. And And just this week, Black Club Chicago did a story about JP Graciano. They've been around for 84 years and, uh, the 900 block of Randolph got the honorary name of JP Graciano Way. Um, And so it started off as a grocery store 84 years ago turned into a importer. Uh, And wholesaler of olive oil and pasta and stuff like that, and then converted to being a sandwich maker over the last 20 years. So, um, don't you love places like that? Yeah, You know, it's It's a four generations of the same family. They've each generation has put their stamp on it. And now and you know, you have a place that looks like what it was before an old time grocery store. In a warehouse now turning into this great sandwich place. I talked to Jim Graciano who, uh, was telling me about how they transition from the wholesale business as it started getting bad, and they just started off making a few sandwiches. And Jim told me that when he looked up and saw policemen, firemen in a garbage man waiting for sandwiches, he knew he was onto something so converted all business got everybody else. And, uh, So what do you like there? What's the specialty? While they have the Italian? I my favorite, the one I get. There's always the Italian sub. And, um, it's you know, it's your basic sub. But with the fresh Toronto bread and Very crunchy bread and they have their own. They make their own garden arrow to. Yeah, I you know, And that's the only thing that the whole city wholesale now they sell it to other stores around 901 West Randolph jp Graciano grocery. I'm glad they survived the pandemic. Yep, And there are still I asked also asked him about the, uh The right that you walk up now they open the front door to have a table out there day so you don't go in like you used to, and I asked them already opening up today with everybody else, And he says he's going to wait for a month or so. See how things are going. Um, but you can you can take out now. Yeah, you can. You can. You can take out and they do have an outdoor seating area against on Randolph Street. There's a million outdoor seating areas, and it's a beautiful place to be. Also do like antipasto, whole antipasto thing, which is really good and can all these fish you can always are great. We'll check that place out for sure. We'll get the news on here at seven from the northwestern medicine newsroom and first we have some restaurant and food news. It's on your List, Lieutenant. Well, I got some openings and also with the city opening up the one thing that I've noticed that I've talked to. When I go to any of these restaurants, they're all getting ready to open. Uh, the crowds are going to come swarming back now that they removed all these, uh, numbers and stuff. The problem is and be patient. When you go to these restaurants this weekend, they don't have enough employees. The one thing the restaurant people are saying is because they they never knew how fast this was gonna open. They have to ramp up and If you're looking for a job, downtown Chicago is a great place to work in the summer. So go look for some of these restaurants. Yeah, even heard the hotels have shut off reservations they get to about 75%. And even though they could sell out there, they just don't have the staff to accommodate more people either. Can't find them or can't afford to pay them, right. Yeah. So, uh, yeah. So just be be understanding. You're going to probably wait a little longer than you used to. And all right, So some of the openings there's there's a couple openings and I wanted to bring one up because if I didn't want to run out of time There's a place opening up called Camp Ceremony and Tanaka Um, their tips starting to take reservations. It's called Glamping. And this is high end. Uh, camping where luxury camping. They call it gourmet food. They bring in chefs from around the world to make gourmet food as you live in these big tents like you're in the, uh, What do you call it, Uh, in Africa, cover your safari safari tents. And so you It's supposed to be really high in campus like $500 a night. Glamping glamping? Yeah. So I'm thinking you should check it out. Maybe we could do a Friday's show from one of these places. Okay, where? Where is this trip? Isn't onica about central annoy. All right, about an hour and a half away from here. And what else? What else is, uh, Lot of things are opening now. Right? Right. Dams. Kitchen opened up this week at 27 30 North, all said, and that's uh, Dominic's grandson and Bob Mariano. No, Right, right. Who is, uh, the opening up their new grocery.

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