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Correctly picking football game against the point spread. We it up weeks up to the season that if somebody does it they'll be able to come back the following week. And even theoretically win fifty thousand dollars by being correct eight weeks center, all you know, that is what's going to happen. Once we finally get somebody gets something, right? They're going to go up on a big winning streak had rip off a bunch of zero. So maybe that's you any football game. College approach to be played from beginning tonight through the Monday night football game against the point spread. You don't know who's playing who I can provide some help on that. We hope that the audience contested has somebody of what they're going to be doing before they get on the air, but we don't have a requirement. I bet. We're going to give away a dining certificate. I've we've tried everything. The first person to get something, right? We give to certificates to go back to the regular old form it we've got a daily the pasta worth one hundred bucks. You'll get that if you can correctly pick a football game against the point spread you'll be back on us with us next week next week's contest because of the thanksgiving weekend is Wednesday not Friday. So we'll take right now. Caller, number thirty five and a regular caller ID numbers to participate with us and try to be the contested it. You could be the hero Ed saved my audience of this terrible humiliation. Anyway, four one four seventy nine eleven thirty is the phone number. We're taking caller number thirty five again for one four seven nine nine eleven thirty or toll free one eight hundred eight three eight nine four seven six. Just last week the material here is actually calling from Lafayette and west Lafayette, Indiana. He took the chiefs to beat Arizona by seventeen or more. They came close. They won by twelve but that wasn't enough so audiences now ten. I took Arizona state to beat UCLA by fourteen or more. They beat them by only a measly three. I'm Evan a lousy season. I'm three and seven Mike Rolette American sports analysts and Madison Mike had the best. Well, actually Paul's pick was great to bike, Paul. Both had spectacular picks. Mike took West Virginia to be TCU by. More than eleven and a half. And they beat them by thirty seven forty seven to ten Paul said the saints had beat the Bengals by more than six, and they also one thirty seven thirty seven point winters by except four and six and Paul's at six and four are contest is sponsored by town Bank. Wisconsin's Bank for business joined by Mike relative of American sports analysts and Madison Mike good afternoon. How are you doing anything special this weekend? Yeah. We got our big ten star going tomorrow mid west game of the year. This is the biggest play you have all year your ten star play mid west game of the year. It is tomorrow. Wow. It's it's gone tomorrow. And yet were we won't release it till tomorrow. We've got the game everything set to go we won't release tomorrow. But people can sign up tonight. What we do is we text and Email and the pick as soon as we release tomorrow morning. Okay. For folks that are interested information on that you can go to a s a wins dot com or call one eight two seven to ten ninety eight every dollar that you give us a little bit from what we do know this. It's a game. It's a college game, obviously. And it's somewhere in the midwest. Which could mean big ten big twelve I guess Notre Dame would be included could be the MAC, theoretically late even be conference USA. You wanna give us anything beyond what I said or not you pretty much you pretty much hit. It could be any any team in the midwest or team in the mid west playing a team out of the midwest. As long as there's a team in the midwest were we were you got ready to go? So okay. So the big picture of the year this weekend. Unfortunately, that's not going to be. Pick Michael share with us here on the radio. But they do have that going out. I'm gonna put bike on hold here. We have our audience contested. Let's see here. Joe Schwarz of Sussex, Joe, you get to do something that nobody is that all year, and that is being audience contested a pickup football game against the points that you realize there's an incredible amount of pressure on you, don't you? Yeah. Yeah. It's not been a good season. All right. What do you know about football? Pretty much. I do some picking a little bit of this is it is is that what you're saying. A little bit. All right. We're gonna put you on hold. We'll talk to him and get his pick and just a second here. Tom bake. Wisconsin's faked for businesses sponsor the contest we use scores. At odds dot com is our source for lines Paul is the leader this year in the contest did. I mean in comparison to everybody else's spectacular season. Six four is that brilliant. But it makes him look like an Einstein which. Interesting concept. All right, which gave you out of here. The line. Paul says he's he's going to go separated for because this is becoming easy. Yeah. Strut around like a peacock alright which game. Pittsburgh at Jacksonville. That is. Okay. Pittsburgh at Jacksonville. The Steelers on the road are favored by five. Paul's going to take the Steelers to beat the Jaguars. The Jaguars are such a weird team. They've got a pretty good defense. They can't score. Well, I don't know if they suck. But they're like everybody else in the NFL. They got good points and bad points. The Steelers though are surging. They've got they've gotten hot, and they started slowly. And it looks like the Levy on bell soap operas just over that. He's not gonna play for the rest of the year ad that might be a good thing to have. I don't think it's been distracting him. Anyway, it might have been early out of the year but hard to go against Pittsburgh at this stage. I can't say that I think Paul is wrong. So I won't say the Paul is wrong. Let's go to Mike here. Mike Eddy quick thoughts on Pittsburgh, Jacksonville. Yeah. I mean, I played awfully well, it's a plus. It's a remember at the double revenge for Pittsburgh. They lost at at Jacksonville last year thirty to nine in the regular season. And then at home in playoff game. They lost forty five to forty two at home. So I'm sure even though Jacksonville's not playing while. I'm guessing Pittsburgh's really focused in on this game. They're playing well. And you know, Jacksonville, not playing all that well or defensive in his good and Bortles has been terrible this year. He just hasn't been good. So the quarterback plays me. Terrible for Jacksonville and Bortles actually has gotten worse usually when guys get into third or fourth year they start to get better. He's gotten worse. And right now, I Pittsburgh got to be thinking they have a chance to go to the Super Bowl. They're hitting on all cylinders. New England is up and down. Kansas City is the only really spectacular team in the conference. And Pittsburgh's is playing as well as anybody. So Paul might have a winter there. Put Mike at holded good our audience contest. Joe Joe the way our contests works you need to give me a game or games you'd like to hear the point spread on. I'll quote, you allied. And then you try to do the impossible to get this thing, right? Yeah. I was actually going to pick the Steelers Jaguars. Okay. Well, you can do. That's fine. That's perfectly allowed. You can take the same game that Paul wants. Are you going to? Are you gonna take Paul's pick and take the Steelers? I am going to take the fall. We have a winner because he's he's that his pick. This is a tactic. That's never been tried in the history of the contest someone saying I knew how to get a winter. I'll steal Paul's pick. Now, you're saying you would have taken that had not heard that from Paul, right? Correct. Anything that you wanted to add to what Paul had to say. No, no. I think the Steelers are surging. And I think the Jags are reeling. So I think it's. Think the more, you know, the only problem is your all on this. But I think you might be right. And if so do you want to remind you Joe are contest is next Wednesday and not Friday of next week because of the thanksgiving weekend. So if you're right you'll get a dining certificate, and you'll be the hero of the whole contest. So good luck to you. Let's go over to Mike donating to hear more from Mike on that pick because we already discussed the time to get a pick now from Mike which game. Would you like your the light on the Pittsburgh Jacksonville? No, I'm not gonna I been hot. But I'm not gonna follow. I should take that game. If I took that game. We all got on it. We just kill the audience chances poor guy B O, which gave would you like look at the north western Minnesota game in college. Well, we do know this that won't be the midwest game of the year, then because Mike's. Pick. But that certainly is a midwestern game northwestern and Minnesota North northwestern. Let's see here. Do you know the number Mike? Okay here. It is the game is at Minnesota and medicine. Wow. I did not know this meta sodas favored by two points at home against northwestern. Mike and help me out on this has northwestern already clinched the big ten west or not. Yeah. They clinched it last week. So northwestern. Who saw that coming? Northwestern would clinch with two weeks left to go in the season meaningless game for north west. Does that mean you're taking Minnesota by any chance and take Minnesota net game? They're favored by that line opened Minnesota's a three point underdog. So that is the mood five points. I'm not crazy about that. Because I've lost a lot of value with Minnesota loved Minnesota plus three you'll like him at minus two huge game for Minnesota that they're five and five right now, they need one more game to be bowl eligible. And if they lose this game, then they got to try and win at Wisconsin next week, which you know, they haven't done in years. So this is a huge game for them northwestern clinched had a huge game last week against Iowa. Clinches the big ten west makes no difference. What they do the rest of the way and coming off that game on the road going on the road. Again, I think was a tough spot and the goals have a lot of them. Come actually, maybe Purdue at home forty one to ten last week produce a pretty darn good team this year they all game by hundred eighty yards held them. Two two hundred thirty three yards which is quite good defensively. They're five and one at home this year. So they're playing well at home they fired their defensive coordinator two weeks ago after the they played really poor in Illinois. And then last week they played great defensively with him gone. I think that carries over and it's just a huge game. For them northwestern's overrated they won the big ten while they're getting out gained in big ten play by thirty yards per game. And they've already clinched last which was just crazy. So I think it's a bad spot. They've only been favored one other time on the road this year. Northwestern has that was at Rutgers. And they won that game. Eighteen to fifteen almost lost twenty point favorites. In that game. I think Minnesota wins this game by seven or more. I think it's a really good spot to go against northwestern and west Minnesota so north west that eventually is going to be in the big ten title game. And they'll be playing the winner of Ohio State in Michigan. That that's going to be a twenty four point spread in energy conference championship game. I I would think either Ohio State or Michigan would slaughter northwestern. Yeah. I think Mike makes a lot of sense of the pick especially north Western's not gonna make the final four anything their whole season. I was the point for the big ten title game in two weeks. I'm sure they'd they'd like to win. But for Minnesota. It seems like a much more meaningful game. I'm gonna get my pick out of the way right away. I'm going to go with a game. That's going to be played tonight, actually like two games in the American conference this weekend. And I like a couple of upsets, I think Cincinnati is going to beat could beat central. Florida's central Florida is the worst unbeaten team in the history of unbeaten teams. I mean, they're not that good. And somebody's going to beat them at some point. But I'm not going to go to that game. I've got a game. I really liked tonight..

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