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Governor Rabbit lashing out this week on action taken by President Biden delimit permits and suspended new leases on federal land in the oil and gas industry. Texas is not going to stand idly by And watch the Biden administration killed jobs. The president insists job opportunity still exist with the transition to clean energy. But Governor Rabbit directing state agencies to use all lawful powers to challenge federal action that threatens the energy sector. Clayton Nevil, WB AP News The top Republican in the U. S House, paid a visit to Donald Trump in his Mar a Lago Club in Florida. Boxes. Goodell Scott Report. The meeting between California Congressman Kevin McCarthy and the former president was, according to a statement from McCarthy, a commitment towards 2022 helping elect Republicans to the House and Senate. The House GOP leader blamed Democrats for in his words, pushing an agenda that divides Fox News reported. McCarthy got the invitation to meet with former President Trump as he was in Florida for fundraiser Gurnal Scott Fox News. Meantime, McCarthy, who earlier this week called on his Republican colleagues to stop going after one another is facing criticism from Congressman Matt Gates. Kevin McCarthy needs to hold a vote on Liz Cheney. And if he doesn't The Republican Conference is a total joke. Gates appeared on Fox is Tucker Carlson. Tonight he's leading an effort have Liz Cheney removed from the house. She was one of 10 Republicans who broke from their party to impeach President Trump Gates, excusing the Wyoming and congresswoman of being a part of the Washington elite trying to hamper America's interests into the future, And we need to stand against these America Last politicians Who are AH, lot like Congress is a whole owned by foreign interests of or abroad special interests at home and then at times deeply unpopular from the rightful U S. A. W B A P 24 7 News Desk on Kim Lampkin Is your next update to sit 6 30 24 7 coverage that w b a p dot com.

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