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Not my behavior the way i talk you have a good voice you're fine you're fine just try to go go and do garcia primo this break right now three more and don't forget this i thanks logic is going through a divorce which by the way a lot of people would think divorced messy it's not messy at all have to be right no doubt that he said that they still love each other and they said well they still have love for each other they just decided to move on something you have to kind of say to look like a good guy or maybe you just don't want all the people you're drama you're like listen let's just go ahead and say this but so even though he's dealing with this divorce he's still may history with his bobby tarantino to because he's one of the fifteen artists in the history of music to have ten songs that hit the billboard hot one hundred at the same damn time go yes man you know what they're going through it but everyone goes through it you know what i'm saying and they're getting a divorce relationships are hard especially when when you know with his career and her career could be a little competitive absolutely back in the day and hip hop to my favorite became the number one artist to have a number one album while being locked up shut up to me against the world do you think you and drake having common do you have one thing we both hands don't eat me anymore i'm vegetarian i know it'll look like it but i'm vegetarian.

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