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The library rather than studying my class subjects, I found a section of books on the occult, and here I started to find some information about some of the more unusual aspects of consciousness psychic abilities, paranormal experiences, and the spiritual world. And yes I guess I went to a bit of an alternative college I. Don't know just any school would have had a section like that in their library maybe they would. But I don't know. If there had been some kind of degree offered in metaphysics or parapsychology I would have pursued it in a heartbeat. But. That kind of thing didn't exist at the time at least not in my school and not to my knowledge if it did exist in other schools and on top of that being interested in anything psychic or paranormal was still pretty taboo. Even today many people think of things like psychic phenomena as woo or out there or nonscientific. Though, say things like there is no evidence. However, the truth is that now there actually is a lot of scientific evidence to support psychic or PSI phenomena. The term CY spelled P. S. I is used to describe a variety of things including telepathy, which is mind to mind communication pre cognition, which is perceiving something before it happens. clairvoyance or seeing a mental image of something in the minds eye psycho Canisius or Telekinesis, which is the ability to move physical objects without touching them and SICOM etry the ability to up information through the sense of touch. For example, when somebody holds a keychain or some jewelry belonging to another person, and they can read or sense information about the objects history or its owner that would otherwise not be known to the person doing the reading the list of PSI phenomena can go on depending on who you ask to include things like psychic healing remote viewing near death experiences medium ship. Projection out of body experiences and the like. If you're not sure if you lean towards any of these abilities, you might once a notice which of your sensory modalities is the most prominent..

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