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I just know stubs was tall as hell he was like six four six five dollars business the fastest whereas i he should be someone's wide receiver he's still playing one hundred million dollars baseball career he was definitely at least he's he's hit two forty two for his career which is higher than out of guest he must've went on a run if he lifts cincinnati he's at ninety two career home runs and stolen one hundred sixty one bases i'll bet half of those words first year i'm looking at right hit his first his first full time year he had twenty two home runs and stole thirty bases i oh yeah this guy's next he's next it didn't it didn't work out he never had that many home runs a gate is still forty bases the next year yeah he had some he's the one hundred sixty one career bags not bad here's a big one of my outfielders got hurt and fantasy baseball let me pick up drew stubbs maybe he'll have a hot week man he and jay bruce while the fuck did i ever watched baseball jay jay bruce is still chugging along i hear his name everyone but is he with the mets i'm real estate that event well the mets traded him this offset like right before the at the trade deadline when fuck did he go see cleveland okay yeah that's right he went to cleveland and then he just went right back to the mets this offseason.

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