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Long ago near as aids put it in a book is crazy and i mean 'cause also it's like even if you do a live show i feel like you would need do i don't know if you would shoot some sort of special there but like involving that story and then going to like. I don't get a tour of the bucket that i don't know if that's if you could do that i'm gonna stab you. I'd prefer degraded. Hey that i let go ahead and do that. So let me tell you what he looked like the guy who would say he would kill you through. Dm hundred present his profile everything about it totally as well and the voice like was it like kind of gravity so it was like gang like scary or is it like a sweet hemsworth type set of pipes. It was like sweet hemsworth with like put with ruggedness. He's seen some shit you know. Poppy just wanted to help kids. He just wanted to help. Kids isn't that crazy at the end. Hey he was in a lot of pain of just kinda sorted through some of it. He disliked zach at me. Because i was the one in front of him and then get. I've never told told someone how to write a book. But that you have to include that because that's crazy and that speaks if that's the way it doesn't define like who you are like that's crazy right now. I'm a girl. Stop breaking my reputation. Whoa all right now. I get it. She likes to be the villain. I won't stand. If it's kind of unwanted everyone should be the villain. I'm writing it down. So i don't forget but my book. Yeah and you don't look do you need to give me a shout like in it. No.

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