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I'll give you those details in just a second but the new york times just covered this race and i wanted to share their framing on it but also some of the information that we know regarding who's supporting what and where everyone stands on this particular race. I an interesting excerpt from the new york times piece democrats. There's no specificity here. just democrats democrats say. There is little broader significance to this individual house primary contest. One that pits to black women against each other in a safe democratic district that had been represented by marcia fudge before she was confirmed as president biden secretary of housing and urban development by the way position that fudge before being named for that position thought she didn't want because typically it just goes to Someone who's black when reality she wanted to be in charge of the agriculture department. Anyway i wanted to give you guys that context. I think it's important but with that. Said what are your thoughts. On that. First excerpt that i read. So why are we talking about it. I mean this is. What's amazing right. You're like lights largely non important in the grand democratic strategy but we gotta stick it to the progressives and keep them in their place literally all they're just admitting that it's not strategic and yet hundreds of thousands of dollars from from like democrats. I mean is the d triple c involved at this point And actually pro israeli forces the united states have been just funneling money into nina turner's opponent. So that's all you need to know right. There is that actually they want other democrats to lose. Meanwhile progressives are always being told. Oh you hate unity. Why do you eight unity honey. Nina turner was leading by double digits. Up until you funneled all that money our opponent so we were fine with you before that. Think you're against unity anyway. Yeah no that's exactly right. So you know nina turner and her campaign had done a poll just to see where everyone stood. In this race and she was leading i mean chantal brown was so far behind and that was when hillary clinton got involved in did her endorsement. At first i was like who cares. I mean hillary clinton is not a popular figure so if. I were nina turner. I'd be elated about this. Jake made an important point. And i think he was right. That was hillary clinton essentially doing like a allowed call to corporate democrats and their you know their funders to get involved in this race and show their support for shantelle brown. And that's exactly what happened. So that excerpt. I read you from the new york. Times was immediately followed with this it in the final weeks of the campaign. The party establishment is throwing copious. This is correct. Copious amounts of time and money into an effort to stop miss turner a fiery former cleveland councilwoman and ohio state senator. And let's be clear on the differences between a turner and sean brown nina turner fights for everything that we experienced during the bernie sanders campaign. Not just in two thousand sixteen but also in two thousand twenty medicare for all a living wage free college. You know all of the bread and butter issues that progressives find incredibly important i think the majority of americans find incredibly important to be honest Shantelle brown though even in this article in the context of this Legacy outlet has Made it clear like she's just this laid back you know won't go against the grain candidate. The congressional black caucus political action committee though has endorsed chantal brown. That's turner's main rival The cuyahoga county democratic party chairwoman so of hillary clinton and the highest ranking black highest ranking black member of the house. Jim clyburn who will be campaigning. This weekend for brown they argue. That brown is the better candidate with a unifying message. Reference that Franchesca beta little earlier but to be fair. Nina turner also has backing representative andrea cossio. Cortez of new york. We'll be knocking on doors for the first or four her the same weekend representative clyburn will be in town bernie. Sanders will join the fray in person the last weekend before the election and I should also note that. The working families party is Forming a pack in order to provide some funding for nina turner's campaign. They're going to give at least one hundred fifty thousand dollars up to two hundred thousand dollars. We'll see what the end result is but the money is one thing i think the the support is incredibly important. Getting people motivated and excited is incredibly important and Yet i mean nina turner. Winning is very important okay. I don't think that electoral politics or the end all be all in fact i cringe anytime. Anyone tries to say that electoral politics or the mo- like it's the most important thing nothing else matters. No grassroots organizing matters pressure from outside Matters right like there needs to be this outside inside a strategy. We need more labor unions. We need to empower labour. That's a huge part of the equation. Something that you talk about quite a bit Franchesca and and you know if you care to elaborate on it. I'd love to hear it. Well yeah. I think you're you're totally right about inside out strategy and what this shows. Is that the democratic party is deathly afraid of the outside strategy. They are terrified of the grassroots right. Where is the republican party. Love their grassroots. Oyo you've got extremist views. Love it now. Democrats don't have extremist views. Right like democrats are like you know. Hey we want healthcare. Hey we want a green new deal you know. You see the amazon's burning stop that as soon as possible. Thanks hey i wanna live. I wanna family and maybe grandchildren anyway like. That's that is that is seen as extreme. And i will also say this clyburn man couldn't involve once again clyburn. Aw thank you mr middle of the road and unlike and here. Here's what we the lesson of. Two thousand twenty is very interesting curious. What you think but i feel like this. This says to us that democrats are taking away from twenty twenty that once again the way to go is middle of the road is keep it safe is don't cause too many waves. Republicans think that joe biden is a communist. Think he is a social. It doesn't matter then if you put up an actual democratic socialist. You're still going to get the same critiques. And i would argue that. Like look i think getting headlines as good of meat. Turner is in congress. She'll get headlines and that will benefit the movements for all of the things that we're talking about in the we want to win. It's just that they're so afraid. And and i don't know i think the last my last point is one thing that keeps on getting trotted out. All you hear it all the time on mainstream media de fund. The police really hurt democrats de fund. The police really heard black lives matter really hurting the debt. Really because actually if you look at the studies there was more voter energy Because of the black lives matter movement in twenty. Twenty because of everything. that's that popped off after. George floyd was murdered that galvanized people to the polls rights. I wanna say biden was your choice. I say that that movement energy that outside energy also propelled you into victory. So don't turn your nose a turn your back on that roots. No the corporate wing of the democratic party doesn't get called out enough regarding the gas lighting that they engage in on a regular basis..

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