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Comments is because of a president trump granting clemency to allergens clemency doesn't mean that the charge disappear she is still a convicted felon she still has a drug conviction on her record okay so clemency just means basically okay you've served time you can go well clemency is the method of relief that she sought and he granted her what's it called he commuted her sentence so she would grant clemency by commutation both both a pardon as well as a commuted sentence art forms of clemency just just to get everybody clear on what that is okay so kim kardashian went to the white house maybe donald trump regard regarding allergy johnson and the thing is people kept saying she was a first time nonviolent offenders she was sentenced to life without parole for her for her role in a very very very large drug conspiracy when i say large i don't mean you know grams dams knicks now i mean kilos lots of kilos lots and lots of kilos of dope in the thousands of kilos of note and so the the standard of somebody decided to jump in and i guess be weird about was was this miller actually read the status here on here on the show i say so donald trump gave clemency to algae johnson and i have conflicted feelings about which still do i said do i think she deserves life in prison for her crimes absolutely not duet think rehabilitation in life changes the good thing yes that's more of a testamentary capacity for change and desire to do better than our criminal justice system though we're i'm conflicted is that this woman based on the trial in court records i read the court records i actually went and found her case and i read what she was.

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