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I said earlier this morning. Like i had a telehealth like yes you know meeting and so this is the first question guy. Just think that everything that said arrests can sometimes be a luxury away. That we've talked about. Self-care can be ways and accessible. But then at the same time the original person that created the famous quote that we all use talking about self care was breast cancer like survivor and connected with different. people should teach to like help navigate. Something that was really like crucial in their lives. And we just missed that part. And so i think that I am just thinking about how razzed like what's stopping us not just these organizations but multiple different things even culturally rest. Because now it's becoming more known or thirteen unity's already knew that we already have these. Hell like Ailments because of lack of rest and so like south here is about not just the nails getting done and not just like you know that stuff but like outta we think about it also asked preventative care or care because now we are having these disproportionate underlying health conditions and to me i. This is kinda morbid to stay. But that's such a big large thing. That i honestly have no idea how organizations can resolve all of that. I don't even yeah. I don't i don't know so like a self-care day at the organization is not going to address like my new unique undermining health conditions that i'm working through because of colder. Yes because even before that like the stress that i was putting out myself as a black woman and i think those conversations about know ability status or like you know do you have. I don't know like asthma or Diabetes or you know like these different these different things like. How's that also related to arrest in self care. So i'm sorry. I don't think i answered all your questions. I've just trying to take it back. Select this year's been hard and it just showcase already how hard our everyday lives were and how that impacted our bodies. So i don't have the answer in terms of how individual or an organization solves all that but it has just made me myself and for people around me. I wonder resource people. Like i need to be resource. My bodies being affected by everything. In like i am resource. How checking on people that i do love on this because it's no joke like is no joke. It's hunt and i am still interested in really interested in public health and one of the things. I think people misunderstand with health. It's not just the absence of disease. It's not just that. I don't have it. That makes me healthy. It's the fact that Well m constantly triggered. Because when i look at the tv people who look like me. I being killed or i live On this particular street and rai live there isn't a grocery store that can offer me fresh fruit and vegetables that allow me to eat healthy. So i'm just going to indulge in this receive route until i decide otherwise it's and that has long term consequences for me like you're saying then we see chronic diseases appearing in specific communities for because they're prevalent because the situation around them haven't been changed like the thing underlying things have been make them. Oh just set them up to unhealthy or to have chronic diseases to have triggers or to have mental health difficulties. And i think sometimes we don't think about health in that in that facet and health is a lot more than just dizzy cyclists. yeah Well i want to bring it back to the court that you use for the lord and for the listeners might not know this that is carrying for myself is not self-indulgence it.

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