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Out more. It's impossible to cancel them on this just the whole film fun of a a wonderful tribute towards that kind of misguided nece. It's ridiculous you're looking at it just going like who could care less about this. Like what the hell is even happening here. Paul hogan was cancelled that he made a fourth crocodile hunter. On top of the fact that like a running joke in this movie is at crocodile. dundee is so bad. No one remembers us. Insulin okay fair. Renault threats that you. Now why're you making food dracula. Exactly you know what this reminds me of this kind of speaks to the same level of equality but Do you guys remember the hit. Two thousand three film pauly. Shore is dead never sought worship. Well that's the correct response but it's it's. It's the same vibe here. It's kind of short joking here. Where he's back. He makes successful return. That's dry as asked polishers still in law two or something. And he's like he's back some recall that at all. This movie must have broken. I think anytime like the fucking entertainment tonight. Screen popped on my goal right. I don't wanna fuck and watch city. Why does i think. I think son-in-law to would work though. Like what if. What paulie shore made father-in-law now. But he's he's like the wacky father-in-law there's a. There's a way for him to revive career. Sure yeah it's only like the fourth best pauly shore movie couple years. He's a tv show and he was displaying himself Version of himself or show was that remember. He's pretty big on cameo. Like if you pay. Paulie shore two hundred dollars. She'll schill anything for you so something to think about. We got to save up all of our patriot money for that. The other thing that almost works about this and is not utilized and again i guess it factors into the end of the film which i just i could not talk about saccharin. I it just takes like buck in an episode of curb your enthusiasm and all of a sudden it turns into like once or something like what is this fucking. The fosse musical at the end of the dream sequence. We had folk montage of paul hogan skipping all these events and instead going to see his granddaughter and it's like the most painful fucking thing i've ever seen it fucking sucks. It's so god damn hokey and about one of the things he skipping is is one of the more successful elements of the film. Which again you stole it. From larry david but the crocodile dundee musical is one of the very few jokes and actually hits in this. Yeah that his ass for like the only section this movie where i was actually like a happy to be your I would love to see a crocodile. Dundee fosse musical. Like i would. I want the jazz hands. I want the chorus lines. Everything give it to me. I would pay good money to watch. That certainly would watch that before. I'd watch any of these movies again. So all right well. I think they pretty much wraps it up really productive. I'm sure you guys enjoyed this whole week. It's been good for you a lot of a lot of great stuff on tv screen do it for fans that's right we do. We are men of the people. That's that's exactly it. So you know week. I'm going to have you guys put something over. But if you have a special message to send to our fan dustin who wanted us to crocodile dundee series go ahead and put something over and then attach a nice little message for dustin so jacco had what he put over this week. I'm gonna put over a early nineties. Movie called arcade directed by albert pune who will feature in some subsequent episodes. We're going to be entering the universe. It's hard to describe this movie. I really enjoyed it. Essentially imagine an or rated episode of. Are you afraid of the dark. That's literally the movie. It's very weird vibe. Starring ralphie from christmas story among several the people you might recognize from other tv shows. It's basically about a very addictive video. Game of virtual reality video game at all. kids are getting hooked on turns out actually malevolent. It's was delayed. Its release was delayed several years because disney threatened to sue them even the early nineties disney still a goofy silly movie quite a lot of phone just almost smart enough to make you know kind of make you think but then not release us martha you feel that you really have to dedicate too much to kind of a perfect perfect way to spend your time. So i'm putting over arcade by our appeal and as a message. Dustin walk you. thanks jack. Marin pretty putting over. I nothing to put over. I'm sitting here. Fill it out focused college applications all along. They are gonna put over a university of michigan a school. Just you know scrape school. Let me in S for dustin. You know we have. We have a tear for people who would like to dictate contents. Consider this a bill. A you always in one dollars motherfucker. Yeah they go. Can we like add an extra tier. It's like two dollars more than i won't tell whoever if you pay you. Pay twenty seven twenty five dollars you can you can dictate a movie that we watch and we won't roast your ass on air. If it's terrible shake we put over this week. Yes so my put over has been a long time coming but now i can officially endorse this back. In august of twenty twenty. I made a purchase from a website called hong kong rescue for two films hard boiled by john woo and peaking off a blue opera blues by soon and they finally arrived early january. And if you don't know what. Hong kong rescue is. They are at well. It's basically just one guy who lovingly restores on kong movies out of the comfort of his own apartment in portland oregon Sometimes he gets access to film prints sometimes takes all versions available and let's together and he does color correction and make sure that these films basically look the best it can be. He also takes every source available and extracts all audio tracks so that at all Subtitles so that basically you have the most complete film version of these movies available on along with two. I've mentioned he's done several films by jackie chan at the time of this recording. He's currently putting the finishing touches on the killer by john. Woo which he hopes to. He said the drop at the end of this month. Which is today when we're recording. So hopefully that'll be out soon. These many other. Great ones in the pipeline. He's been working on but not only that he also collects every bonus feature from every edition. You can find these movies. You basically makes the greatest package ever for each of these hong kong movies and you might be asking yourself all. This probably costs a fortune. Like maybe eighty dollars per film. How what are you. What are you paying here. And the answer is no. It's actually sixteen dollars per movie if you want to get it on blu ray and eight dollars if you wanted to get a digital version. Extreme online The only word of warning is as i mentioned the it would take out Wanna know how he says. He's improved system but it did take me five months to receive the movies. I ordered last year But eventually you get him eventually. And now that i have watched both films. I can wholeheartedly. Heartedly recommend hong kong rescue. Check them out and support them so we can get more stuff than those good to to set. A dustin yet does not want you to watch all these movies in no less than twenty four hours and give us your complete thoughts in a written two thousand word essay on each film. That'll be eight thousand words total and then our way and we will read it on the air. Yeah we'll publish it on film. School rejects pocket the thirty dollars. They give us for those articles. Saw us the.

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