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H. s. Scott FitzGerald wrapping up a vacation he's up in Michigan. Enjoying weather that is probably a lot like what we're having here which is uncommon. For this time of year we're looking for a high of eighty two this. Afternoon with low humidity I think he was saying that they were in, maybe the mid to upper seventies in Michigan yesterday with again that low humidity so it's. Going to be an awfully hard sell to get Scott back in here for Monday morning but he will Be back. With us. Then again six twenty five here NewsRadio eight forty w. h., a. s. were at sixty. Six now it's time to check in with sports Seth Everett has the latest on what happened in the world of sports baseball the Chicago Cubs have added another studying pitcher is they, try to, lock up. Their fourth consecutive central title picking up Cole hamels from the Texas Rangers for minor league players the thirty four year old lefty one in three with an ERA over eleven in four starts this month the Phillies have landed versatile infielder as drubel Cabrera from, the Mets for a, double a. Pitcher on the field Clayton Kershaw helped the Los Angeles, Dodgers keep their game and a half lead. Over Arizona in the NFL west pitched into the eighth inning provided a. Key hit dodgers topped the Braves for one the Diamondbacks kept pace erupted for six runs in the third of a six two. Decision over the San Diego Padres Sam darnold is officially NFL hold out the jets began their first, practice of trading Camp, without their prize rookie quarterback darnold the number three overall pick in the draft, in Alabama football coach Nick Sabin has received a new eight year. Deal runs. Through twenty twenty-five that sports I'm south Everett And of course. The first game of that new deal of Nick savings will, be against the Louisville cardinals September first in Orlando that is a night game you see it on ABC you'll hear it on our sister station seven ninety k. r.. D. we'll have complete coverage from Orlando have more, details on what you, can hear them where you. Can hear it as we get a little closer to the game that game about thirty five. Days out and then the first home game the following Saturday Indiana states in. Town the expansion project out there Papa John's cardinal stadium wrapping up seats going in the finishing up on putting in the Jumbotron so that'll be, the unveiling of the north end zone expansion project happening today and you'll hear it here, on, NewsRadio eight forty. W. h. a. s. Louisville city f c in action there north. Of the border in.

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