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Pune, Simba, Murder discussed on Donna and Steve


On in Pune but were originally not in the movie why did you hear what I said at the moment people were saying on the movie so in an earlier draft Simba never runs off and is instead raised by car even after his car kills move fasa spoiler the murder in the third those scars the fence this is not a murderer first he had an opportunity to save move fossa and he did end yeah member how move us to die down yeah the stampede right right yeah and then and then how could score have saved him he could have killed the people live other things that were killing him start to fall apart here in nineteen ninety six that was twenty something years ago ninety four for all right so even longer thank you by the way can I just say very quickly unrelated permission yeah someone just write it on Twitter Kelly Joe of a few pictures Kelly Jo thank you so much for sending through pictures of me from last night at the celebrity it actually makes me look like an athlete because she is a really cool camera share them out a retweet them less you Kelly Jo and Donna thanks for the info yeah I can see lying king with my family yes sh but back on my talk we're gonna get nerdy what I would really like to come what thank you for asking turn right what percentage of people regret how they've lived life what day and what are their five biggest regrets please make ago I am available we'll be right back previously.

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Pune, Simba, Murder discussed on Donna and Steve

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