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No days off. Batman. There you go all the way to go. I look forward to working with Aaron Rodgers. I am honored to be the new assistant head coach of the Green Bay Packers. Matt leflore? Yeah. I don't think that Aaron hired him. But again, it stands to reason that that's somebody errands. Good with. Like, I would argue that if Aaron Rodgers wanted Josh mcdaniels Josh mcdaniels would have gotten that job. But instead it goes to mala flora, let's go to New Jersey, Gary. Hey, gary. How are you? I'm doing good. Jim. I really enjoy your show. And you know, I saw quite a bit of that round that Chelsea played in his so much talent. He is good. He's a good good young player is going to get better. I agree. The real reason I called Jim I never got a chance. I never talked to you. I never got a chance to share my sympathy and condolences for losing shared belief. He was born when he was on his game. He was one of the greatest racehorses ever. Appreciate it. I really appreciate San thanks so much. We kind of this conversation, and I don't like to push really hard for it. But remember the horse with ten for twelve with one to save five grade ones. And if not what happened the breeders. I I would argue he'd be all. In fact, I'm going to argue is a hall of Famer, but there'd be no doubt had he not gotten a really bad bad break and Breeders Cup. Classic. Should have been taken down when he got he got caught up twice out of the gate terribly. But he was a great horse, Jim. And I just wanted to share my sympathy for you. Watching horses for fifty years, and he was one of the greatest I've ever seen look through a bridal, man. That's nice. I appreciate that Gary. Thanks so much. I really appreciate that. Hey, listen, if I'm gonna take all the phone calls. I take about hey, man. We don't care about horse racing. Keep it to yourself on the rare occasion where somebody says, I love your horse, your horse was a really really great horse. I'll take that too. He said he's one of the best I've ever seen get into a bridal in fifty years of watching the sporty said he knew what he was talking about. He said the winner should have been taken down. You know, the real irony is, you know, who the winner trained by mom, and Bob Baffert and believe it or not I have a horse with Bob Baffert right now. And a lot of people in the game. Don't the second died. We have a horse Jamie Roth and her parents, and I. And the next is racing club have a Horus name crew intention, and it was the Roth source, and we're partners on the horses, and they invited Janet Niane, and it's a cow bread trained by Bob Baffert, and the horse ran great. And once I race and number of my friends were like, dude. Are you kidding you and Baffert a Mike? Yeah. It's fine. It's it's it's a detailed discussion. But he's a good trainer. Really? Good trainer. And that's a really good prospect. And I say we put our differences beside behind us put Bob didn't think that we had any differences? Anyway, we worked it out. We worked it out and that horse is getting a break right now. So we're looking forward to a really big twenty thousand nine from him. Anyway, Gary, thanks a lot heat branded products designed to keep your fuel system flowing even under the harshest conditions. Remove water, raise MPEG's, clean the fuel system, heat baby. Rodney Harrison way back in our number one. I was great shock smart came in for the first time Zanesha fleas showed up nicely. That is your program. Thank you for listening. Heavy tremendous day. Let's bring it back to you on Thursday want to get into the match ups the NFL matchups in detail tomorrow. See, then, rob?.

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