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Tragedies that happen this year for sure to me massage people vob laws tool we've lost but I still I do feel as if banks plan out the way they deal with the pandemic deathly awoke people man an agreement like it put us in a position move things forward. Sometimes you need tragedy happen autumn focusing see things more clearly enemy and I feel like that's. What a lot of our community I said what he was on here before Tim Faira, tepper? Tiburon. Just say tea. Banh. Want to get it down. Down Fear Timur per but I. Very. So but I liked the fact that like she does blacks and land in that causes that are being pushed to the forefront now because now everybody's outdoors now everybody's in the Kayak. Now everybody's going fishing. Now everybody's trying to all these things that they. You know that we should have been doing a long time ago because when you sit in the Housing Blake, you know your Sixteenth Season Two K. at some point you be like damn I think I might miss outdoors. You know what I mean. But is cool to see this time. This is all your time. You know what I mean and I'm glad I'm grateful to the time is came and I'm able to see you go rise up as well as you sit and you will kill grateful to be in the prejudice wash guys rising a sin. In Our community to to change things man I'm grateful to be a part of this moment. You know what I mean because this is a good moment of history to be a part of because there's been a lot of them let Michetti. Power, in the wrong for shout factory, as Blues Likes to. Say. Oh Wow. Do I really like to say that? Fact Save An. SMOKE COMING BACK TO? Man I, got a one of my ex's game like emojis book. Likes to speak you. She was quite a bit younger. On Gate I should do you for your birthday because if you sent me that stupid ass factory. I'm GONNA, use that factory confused everybody in my phone eating at the hill you've send him to Brown God. Am I don't know they just GonNa stop taking. Replaced facts factory booze hates that Shit Oh? Yeah. It's the LAMEST fucking. Goodbyes Love Wick. Factory. I. Snagged Factors. A. Forty two slain. He need to come out with a dictionary. He got one. That's. What we do I think. I want to e forty because I, his own line of Rome as like we all do a liquor. Now our start mall. Gremlin. I've thought about rightness he tried is like a second home you gotTa. WanNa say. Oakland in Detroit a real close that's like A. Sister She's Chicago all this woodland careful with distilling. Yeah. No, once upon a time, we owned a brewery and when we started to branch and instilling. That's a whole especially at least you if you're gonNA. Do it proper That's a whole layer of federal crap that you have. I mean you've gotta get. There's a deep ugly background check fingerprints gotTA go on file nine different places. It's a burdensome process. T walk into any of the places like DVD or Eastern talk to anybody if I've talked to several before you decide to go down that route because it is it's not easy and it's it's painful if you do it right out of my balance for the first two years. So it's like you know I'm going to be a bootleg. One and for self purposes, you can I mean, that's that's that's that's one of the. That's one of the little loopholes like you can get a i. think it's called a maker license like not truly distilling and like you know because you're doing it for like friends and family that kind of stuff. Yeah. But yeah. Once once you start taking that next step up roof, we'll bring a WHO's back baby. Car You an offer like. Come into the office. On that. Pro about the beeping. Oh. I think anything else you WANNA touch on man the book. `edu-tainment. The. Grocery store deep books, the books excuse me and put A. Three book. Series tone. This is what's so give me all your Geez. Back Pharaoh underscore Rafa as instagram twitter. FA. Our own underscore. I spelt it was neat. onyx little bit. Are That's instagram. Twitter neighborhood groceries will on Instagram mayhood the great again on instagram are beheld channel. INSTAGRAM's will Urban Health Channel again, that's all tied into all the stuff that I said and I are doing by this this. Be. Next. Level like we we've seen enough worldstar. You've seen enough media take out I still invest in that stuff airtime funniest entertainment. But this is the new entertainment. You know what I'm saying like getting people live together and being able to smile at the end of the episode because of the success story or seeing that building be built or stuff like that despot to be the future because we're not seeing the worst worse in I think we just got tired of fax. Oh. That's this is be the new wave and it star would make healthy again like. Lie Yet. I I'm just so I can't wait till. We just hit the ground on this thing is this Crazy, I'm learning along the way as well. That's probably that's probably why so fun is that I'm not just part of the project I'm actually learning because a lot of the city send me. Saying I'm learning as you send it to me like. Fuck. Yeah Man but he was once you implemented is like now you apart of the testimony to light and I think my forward probably on change probably about another eight times. The gang is like Yo light. He's sending me this information actually applying it and I'm actually becoming a different person. So I'm a instant testimony and I just got eight thousand dollars. So it helps you know what I'm saying but man I desk I mean, that's pretty much it man we are working and I just wanted I just want to shut up get to. Clean. Up. His own gang Saturday gang. Gang Saturday one, thirty, one year Saturday we we give that email. Yeah. Yeah. We're GONNA be at the garden doing some little you know stuff but I just wanted a few people that have been invested in the project just see land. You know what I'm saying the land and you know put their feet on the dirt and you know just to give some ideas on what they wanna put their you know. Less figure out how we're going to get the rest of them, las but I really want everybody seeing the vision. So eventually I just do this I'm going to try to do this once a week it is a different three or four people that has invested come out to check it out. You know we're GONNA do some walk through the store you. Know socially distance whatever I'm trying to figure that out. So they say everybody knew but we need Yanni see. You See the vision that I see every time I 'cause it's fine is five steps away from my auto shop I can walk you know what I'm saying. So I'm going to you know water the plants and all black as walk there but. Every time I walked by seeing a vision like. We get this whole block. We. Get. I'm not I'm not thinking. Go get we get this Sir we get this table is shaking and we can get this. So we do. We do that itself Saturday. One thirty, we're going to be at the garden. We're take a few pitches I live. So y'all be on the look out for their to sir. Solar plexus jumping all the way over. There the first eight edge open the surge. Tubo. Watermelons. It's just really it's been to be over man like this. The excuses will really got an more. Anybody. Not. Appoint. Radio. I don't know about heart but it's something like excuses are the tools of incompetence us about man turned him into. Nothing's is resort. Excuses are Tuesday couches that US bill nowhere people who use them are Maya of nuttiness or something like oh? Yeah. And those that used them are something and seldom use some just like..

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