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Hello, this is the writers I'm Georgina Godwin. My guest today was born in Sri Lanka and all of the world before settling in London. His first novel Reef was shortlisted for the Nineteen ninety-four Booker Prize. He's won many other prestigious accolades been translated into many languages judged a number of important towards on one's highly acclaimed writing workshops his new novel out in Paperback This Week is some catching. Remers last time we met we were in Pakistan and India in London where it really really hard that was in the days when they still flew people like us around the world to talk that festival I know it seems like that was the golden age of the nineteen twenties or something isn't It's hard to believe really that. One. Join that little bit of. You. Know pretend jet-set. economy-class. But Yeah, it has changed enormously though today I mean sitting here on the heat with the sun shining sky. Amazingly blue. your dog running around here. Cooler, it seems to be very far away. I mean. It really does and this this weathe-. Filtering both you and I should be used to it coming from from the global south. Let's start there because of course you're born in Shirley Anka. Is that was a long time ago after. The weather's chains climate has changed. The world is changing but yes, it was Sri Lanka Ceylon, as it was then. Don't go dog than I can't remember but it seems I do try to remember for reasons I don't entirely understand. But yes. Yeah, it was. It was a in a way of very different world but in many ways, not such a different world I mean politically, it was a really intense situation. Then at the time of of the set of books ever written is at the time when when I was born in the in the mid. Fifties. Ceylon, as it was then not Sri Lanka had been independent for a few years and. There was already all sorts of political turmoil but not ones that I would have recognized growing up as a child. All on the vaguely. But when one thinks about it, yes I mean nineteen fifty eight to those, Mu -mergency. Prime Minister was assassinated. If you remember the headlines have been quite quite serious. But. At the same time, the the general pictures pose wasn't. Traumatic at all. And I remember. A few years ago in connection with another book, I think I was reading up Came across I think. I. Think it was a World Bank report or might have been the United Nations when you're talking about Where there was wonderful. Paragraph that..

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