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Second Shelly showdown nine hundred fifty bucks today, if you can stop her and five questions fourteen day win streak, and by the way, we have a rule change just to announce this time. By that we rematch, and we rematch until somebody wins. So that's our new annual. Everybody knows seven forty five showbiz Shelly show. Hemery marie. Hi doing well, some high. Hi, Marcel up was just on with us. Her husband. I guess as with which she considers to be a legitimate problem. Three to five boxes at day show from online shopping, and it's not that they necessarily need most of the time. It's stuff that he quote unquote that a deal on the they don't even use. What do you do about this? I think he should wait like maybe like three weeks when he's actually like forgotten about that stuff. And just put it on go. Yeah. But that's something. She shouldn't have to do for her. Plus, but that's the I mean, you really think he's he doesn't think the problem, but we need to get to the root of the problem and not just kind of like gives her an actual John still gonna lose margin. You know, she's not making money. It's still going to cost money by stuff, and then resell it, and how do we do that forever? Yeah. One more thing. She has to do. How do we? I don't know if if he doesn't think it's a problem. The person has actually realize that he has a problem, actually, fix it. Thank you Marie. Glad you call a good day. Actually. Actually, what is is this somebody you can relate to someone in your life. As it you that has online shopping problem. Not so much anymore. But what I do. Now is I actually make an Amazon like wishlist things that I like and I want and I'll go through it randomly like picking two saints off. And then I use it for like birthday ideas or Christmas ideas. And I mean one for my daughter to birthday birthing Christmas, and just you know, kinda helps the habit a little bit. And I like one of those people that like spoiler. So if I see somebody bought something for me, I can look at it and see. Wishlist to yet. I can see that would give you some satisfaction though. Because it's sort of like, you're shopping. You're picking things you're putting them on a place, but you're not actually buying them. You know at that moment. So it kind of I can see how that would you get that sense that you're you're buying stuff. But you're not really nothing. I've noticed too is this for me personally, like if I wanna buy something on on a whim at an instant if I don't buy it. But like leave the page up on my browser on my phone for a day or two or five if it's still there, and I'm still thinking about it a week later, the maybe I should buy but most of the time by the time in a couple of days goes by and I'm going through my phone. I see that it's still up. I just closed. I didn't I didn't want it that badly at the time. I did. But then I didn't buy and then I'm fine with it. And it's over the being able to record as the hard part. Thank you. Welcome guys today. Maybe if you made it also good, or if you made a physical list of everything you've bought, maybe maybe by the time at the at the end of the month when you looked at that list and realize I bought all this crap. Maybe it would look like. Yeah. That you'd say, okay. You realize how much he spouted Sapir this down. Yeah. Hey, katrina. Hey, so just to recap Marcella called a second ago. Her husband has an online shopping problem. We're talking three to five bucks a day of stuff that they don't need shows up at their house. She's not sure what to do what you think. Right. So my dad prevent like fifty bucks. A candy. One time by an extra live one thousand dollars eight hundred. Yeah. I cannot do like I don't know how to stop him. And you're like, okay, we're gonna put parental control on there. Because obviously like. Like, I will give him like. Bonsack handle like actor relies or or like his games wild that you have to do this for your father. You crazy. Because otherwise, it'd be like, okay. There's something about the online stuff or on the phone or on the apps or whatever where you're not really seeing not money no credit card in the money. The cash is in coming out of the wallet in. So you're not going through the physical pulling it out of your person doesn't feel like you're spending it, and then it just adds up adds up. And you're like, holy crap. I spent a thousand dollars on candy crush with house wrong with a funny thing like when you not just this other things when you I don't know how old you are. But a point when you realize your parents are adult, and you're an adult and not that you're the same. But it's like you. I'm not supposed to have to to you'll completely your spending. Your the teach me the lessons. I really like I'm learning so much Ibom by mom actually, had brain surgery, and like he wants to do everything. And I'm like mom you need to let us do stuff. She's like, I take care of myself. I don't eat you take care. Parents. Right. She's doing well. And thanks for a great day. Okay. Love you too. Bye. Jessica. What should this woman due before? She goes crazy divorces her husband and takes all the money. Experiencing needs to sit down right now before it becomes an issue and have a conversation with her husband in regards to this spending. And they need to seek out their past my husband, and I were married for ten years, and we are on the we are actually in the process of getting a divorce and now through the divorce process. I found out that he has literally bankrupted our family started. It started with three to five boxes every day. It was just little small miscellaneous stuff. And then finding out that you bought a thirty five hundred dollars sailboat, and you don't know how to sail. All of a sudden, we have a camper that snowing up. And now, we literally are bankruptcy has bankrupted our family. It sounds. Sounds. I had no idea. I thought it was just little small stuff Amazon packages here and there, and then like I said, he I he started hiding things because of work from home or he'd get home before I did there'd be packages that were already opened. I it wasn't until I went to use the credit card for one of my children for braces. Because it was a it was substantial amount of money and my credit card got declined. I called the credit card company, and they literally. You're saying get a hold of this now because otherwise turns sailboats campers I mean, I wish him the best in his future. I'm very proud of him that he's in therapy and stuff now, but it's all from his point of view it stemming from low self esteem he uses the purchases as a way of making himself feel better too high. It's an addiction. See what's her husband, and she wants a future with her husband holding this in a is not good because creating resentment and herself be needs to reach out and have a conversation with us about the spending. And they need to figure out if it's something more dates they need to go to fair before. Just. Good luck. Good luck. Jessica. Thank you. Thanks for calling back. We'll do the entertainer. Fifty bucks. That's what's up. In fifteen minutes..

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