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Taught here Eddie's Boston high, and I'm excited about the leadership that I will bring to the city, especially through the rest of this pandemic and to the other side of recovery. At this time. All of the official candidates in the race are minority women and mothers in East Boston. James RoHaas WBZ. Austin's NewsRadio. Northeastern University, is moving forward with the Corona virus vaccination after state health officials initially had told the school to stop Northeastern was among the first universities in the country to begin vaccinating eligible staff. When the school had about 1000 surplus doses. It started notifying others who would soon qualify for a shot. Three quarters of the left overdoses were quickly accounted for when the state asked Northeastern to stop. School initially complied. But then it's all quote in the Boston Globe from a state official who said extra doses should be given to people who are near to being eligible. Northeastern decided to continue vaccinating members of the university population 65 older or who have to comb our abilities. Aaron Petrosky. ABC News Game Stops stock swung wildly today. Plunging more than 40% is some key retail brokerage platforms. Shut out traders. Now there's some bipartisan reaction in Congress more from CBS to Steve Dorsey, incoming Senate banking cheer, Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown announced he plans to examine the stock market that he says is broken. Conservatives to were calling for oversight. Texas Senator Ted Cruz tweeted his support for calls by progressive Congresswoman Alexandra Oo Cassio Cortez to examine Robin Hood's decision. Shut out retail traders from volatile stocks like Gamestop, Congresswoman or Cardio. Cortez says she won't work with Senator Cruz on the issue. Tweeting quote. You almost had me murdered. During the violence season, the U. S. Capitol. Six people are dead, several others injured a workplace accident in northeast Georgia. The employee deaths and injuries of the prime packed foods facility resulted from a liquid nitrogen leak. It happened at the chicken processing plant in Gainesville, Georgia, northeast of Metro Atlanta. Several fireman were also sent to hospital after having breathing trouble. CBS's Jim Chris Shula. American Airlines, canceling more than 100 20 of its regional flights today, grounded for inspection. He has a airlines flies regional flights for American Airlines. Under the American Eagle brand, those smaller CRJ seven and 900 series aircraft. It has grounded most of its 130 planes for unscheduled inspections, sources telling ABC News that involves three bolts on the nose gear door that need to be looked at. American Airlines. Saying out of an abundance of caution, P ECE removed its aircraft from service so the nose gear door could be inspected and that American is working with P s A and the FAA to address the issue like Stone ABC News the Supreme Court in Pakistan, ordering the release of a British born militant Ahmed Omar side shake and three accomplices who were convicted of masterminding the kidnapping and beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl. White House press secretary Jen Psaki responded to that decision. Today. The United States is outraged by the Pakistani Supreme Court's decision to affirm the acquittals of those responsible for Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl's kidnapping. And brutal murder, which shocked the world's conscience in 2002 shake, was convicted of helping a lure pearl to a meeting in the Pakistani city of Karachi before he was kidnapped. Transit Police are looking for a woman she's wanted in questioning in connection with the assault battery of an empty TA employees as well as malicious destruction of property. The incident happened on an M B T eight bus Saturday morning at the intersection of Chelsea and victorious streets. Anybody with information is being asked to call the M P t a transit police. You could see a photo of the suspect on our website WBC news radio dot com. 5 50 chilly weather and a pandemic can't keep the South Shore World War. Two veterans from treating his family that dinners out every week of the BC skimped on a Cliff has the story money at 96 years old now, Macleod insists on paying for dinner every Wednesday night when he goes out with his two nieces and their spouses. It started four years ago when Paula Foster decided she wanted to get her uncle out of the house after he lost. His wife was taking care of her for the last year for life at home to his pretty worn out. The weekly dinners have Continued right through the pandemic with a family bundling up in blankets sitting outside by fire pits and propane heaters. Terrell has accommodated us weathervane has accommodated us. They have those igloos. I asked Mel what? His favorite dishes so silly mignon. You have expensive tape. Well, you want to go with this way once now says he loves treating his nieces to dinner every week. Look what was in the woods Trotter just being with my nieces and nephews, just great class W BZ Boston's news radio. Make WBZ news radio part of your morning routine alarm set for 6 a.m. to WBC news radio 10 30 from my Heart radio Mark speaker When you first wake up WBZ radio in your car on the way.

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