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To the Marlin Stewart and Stephen Thompson, the associate head coach, Terry Rubber and the head coach of the beeves Wayne Tico. Thanks to Brian Brooks, where the introduction of the starting lineups the officials for today's game. Veteran crew Mike Read the referee. The umpires Michael Irving and Rick Battle on looking across the way it's the usual Group. Scott Barnes exact Lassiter. I do not see you, King Alexander across the way. It's been a busy and exciting week for Oregon State Athletics will visit Maura about that, and the announcement that was made with respect to research stadium and the completion of the West Side of Project. Now I think which will begin in 297 days, one ground will be broken. On a long awaited renovation of the west side of the beautiful stadium across the way will indeed make it a gem $153 million Going into the project F. King Alexander and Scott have been making the rounds, talking about it with genuine pride and enthusiasm for what it means for Oregon State athletics and The entire mission of the university. Ron will join us at halftime and we'll talk more about it. Thank you for joining us on this Saturday afternoon, the kooks when the tip were underway, and Isaac Montagne goes to Noah Williams at the left wing in front of Barnes, Lassiter, Doug Aquaman and company left Corner three doesn't go for DJ Rodman. He's a 38% long bounds rebound to Zach Reichel, who had a career high eight assists against the Huskies on Thursday. Michael gets it to Ethan Thompson was making his 112 consecutive start. Galati Shade jump stop in the paint job book off the glasses. Good, well, reality Shea giving the Beavers the initial two to nothing advantage. The thieves were red hot against Washington early, jumping out to a 21 6 lead on Thursday ended up winning that 1 91 71 Rodman. The left wing to Noelle Williams, mid post back to the basket to do Sean Jackson. Jump hook over Roman Silva doesn't go have a GT gets the offensive rebound goes back up a bit and misses rebound in and out of the hands of Allah. T Shade of Jared Lucas. Jared Bus out throws too. Back Reichel a little too strong and Michael doesn't catch it in the corner. The ball goes off his knee and out of bounds the Beavers with a turnover a minute in five seconds into the game on, Lee had five. In 40 minutes and the romp over the dogs on Thursday to nothing. Bieber's Montagne in the front court to Noah Williams, the Beavers beginning in 2 to 3 zone Right of the lane to to Sean Jackson. Jab step against Roman Silva. Double briefly. Reichel tips of past Zach chases it in nearly Kept it off of Noah Williams and out of bounds with the Cougars maintained possession with the shot clock counting down for some reason that needs to be corrected. It was at 11. It's down to five, and 24 and 23 and Mike Reid Recognizes that the shot clock continue to take down. This should be set back at 11 for the codes. It was at 11 when they would now Michael Irvin comes over and says, Let's put it in 13. And just to make sure Irving and Reed will study the monitor down below. Beavers in Washington state underway 18 41 to go in the half the Beavers with a two to nothing.

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