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Clyde Lewis, and this is ground zero. Goldeneye triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred that's triple eight six seven three thirty seven hundred. Beyond any tonk of quantum entanglement. We've talked a lot about it this week. Talk of quantum entanglements and the arguments over whether you existed before your birth or. Whether or not you can be in two places at once and then live on after you are dead in some other dimension, practical arguments, either you are or you are not. You either exist? You. You don't exist. That is the. Cynical view, I guess of life. There are people who feel like that. There's no external world, there's no dimensions. Nothing. There are people who are cynical. And I guess they believe that. If you push the issue of. Some sort of quantum existence. You're playing with science you're playing with you and your actually. Expanding upon something that may not exist. They wanna limited you just particles. They don't want to look at the smaller particles in a larger story now the. Some people have a hard time with it. So either you are. Or you are not to be or not to be. That is the question that is what Shakespeare said we we as humans. Experience the extremes which are birth and death everything in between is well experience. So we're always going from one extreme to the other extreme. If we do it all the time, if we regenerative we've reincarnated I mean, it's endless discussions. About what goes on with us. What goes on while we occupy this space in this matrix, or whatever it is? We've created in order to keep us sane or at least in some sort of comfort. What safety nets we've created. And how sometimes things get in the shouldn't some things that scare us. The things we talked about last night, for example to get in through the mail. And we wonder why wonder if we're losing our minds. What if you're having some sort of a? Hybrid, cognition. Something some some hallucination, maybe. You are either defected more defective. And with medicine. We're told that we could be perfected. So you the defected or perfect dysfunctional functional? And in the future. Or maybe. Now, if you read the papers now have you watched the news now, they're willing to talk about it? We can be designed like a toy. We could be designed like a doll. We put together like.

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