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In your hearing all things considered on kqed public radio twelve minutes five anti do check the traffic again with julie deppish and no major incidents right now looking pretty good as far as that goes had some heavy traffic north 101 san francisco from ceases chevenez after the eighty split odd of the sky way to the lower deck and you're pretty jammed other 280 extension northbound from europe posted any king street fairfield lots of brake lights there going eastbound eighty from cornelius scales hats in north texas street and james up again from 505 two midway road julie deppish for kqed thanks julie that report was brought to us by the rock and roll marathon series support for kqed comes from the mercurynews and bay area news group presenting wish book 2017 this holiday season wish book 2017 illuminates the stories of twenty friends and neighbours in need information available at wish book thought mercurynews dot com and the barracuda networks network application content and data security solutions for physical networks and public cloud platforms learn more at barracuda dot com slash products he produced broadway hits like rent and hamilton but jeffery sellars says that was just he's act one i feel that we are in a golden age of the broadway musical his work of ended traditional thinking about what works and cells onstage but what does he see motivating the next generation of broadway hits tony awardwinning producer jeffrey seller next time on one end you can hear one eight and night at 11 o'clock at eight o'clock tonight it's conversation from the 2017 aspirin ideas festival norman lear the prolific television writer and producer is joined in conversation with era khanna 2016 democratic convention speaker whose son was killed in two thousand four joined the iraq war they talk about what it means to be an american power politics reflect and affect us and.

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