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New movie about the prosecution uh the political assassination of don siegelman a friend of this show and a and a great guy uh the former governor of alabama democrat who you might well have been president of the united states he was on that path and then uh karl rove decided to take him down any did in siegelman ended up in prison and the the show has played it's called atticus versus the architect the political assassination of don siegelman and it has already shown in birmingham in atlanta and it was going to play at the capri theater in montgomery alabama except that it the movie points out that sigelman who was being prosecuted in in part by uh bob reilly was the guy that siegelman a lost to e actually defeated him in the two thousand two election for governor of alabama he went bad he'd won when he woke up a republican operative in i in one particular congressional district had discovered fifteen thousand people whose votes at the top of the ticket for governor even though they voted for democrats down take it they had all actually voted for the republican bob reilly uh when a don segment started complaining about this he soon found himself in prison and the federal prosecutor time was woman a laura canary her husband who was managing bob riley's campaign she's the one who started the prosect officially against him and uh so turns out she's on the board of this theater and so the theaters refusing to play the movie so i don't know if you are in the area of or have any influence with the capri theater see a pri in montgomery alabama but you might wanna let them know if you'd like to see the movie uh addict let's see the title of the movie jews abacus versus the architect and of course atticus atticus fence you know from ghana the wind atticus is is uh is uh don sigelman and the architect of course karl rove so it's really it's done so you'll ever since karl rove public citizen i got this email today from rob weizmann who is the the the uh head guy over a public citizen and i mean it's part of a massey male it's just not unique to me a went out to you know probably thousands of.

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