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Yeah someone who thinks that the way to spend upon the character is by. Just putting him in crazies amy kooky situations to have him get out of them and showing that he's he's crazy he's got a good heart like is very blase has been done a million times with the care too and it's not entertaining now. The reason i mentioned airport here in this in that case that i think is even more grease with harley quinn. Because she literally doesn't have the power of deadpool yes she's put in very similar situations and she's oftentimes has written just as lazily. Deadpool is where they don't put a whole lot of emphasis on a character. I'm gonna recommend one more book home. East read carleen. That is has down the best harley quinn. Ever written charleena's is is amazing is Is probably my top five books. I read last year That's how good i think the book is. Didn't you buy that book tomorrow. It's in europe. It was written and drawn by stephen sedgwick. Because dc blackley will book is more for wasn't as an orange door for harley quinn That shows you how she got to be where she is. And it's an amazing character. Study can't recommend the book enough so if you want a good holly store a great holiday. Quanta story pickup arlene. That would be a healthy way to kind of like differentiate between something like that where it's like oh look quality in-depth awesome story versus this. Yeah like placeholder story right or hill even go back and reread justice us one through three like she was handled so much better. They're also yes. Yeah also that makes no sense because we're talking about justice. Yeah yeah. I was this close. Did you get a chance to read the The zero for this I didn't finish it. i didn't finish. I started it and realized. Oh this this isn't the same. Oh this is oh. This is a different bonus. Type thing okay. Okay so i didn't go into it but Yeah so the trench a of things note about this is that.

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