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I'm gonna go down to meet with investigator and find out what the deal is an after that I told him. I said they have some pictures of her. Anything that happened to her body was was all just defensive movements to remove myself from the situation. And I said, that's it, and it's not gonna. I'm not going to get charged because I didn't do anything wrong. Here's the problem. What do you mean? You didn't know what the hell is going on as you lap rate. You clearly knew exactly what the hell was going on. And if indeed it was a simplistic as you fending her off from attacking you physically and beyond. You could have said that instead, you said, I don't know what the hell's going on. So this question marks and Zach Smith state looks very, very bad. Huge question marks regards to that. Paul finebaum was ongoing notice more than the great poll on the mouth of the south. Saying that in light of these, we revelations urban Meyer will most likely stay at Ohio State. Listen to this university may have decided urban is going to stay. We just have to work backwards and figure out how to do and manipulate because the public meaning the Ohio State went from just being distraught on Wednesday and Thursday. Thinking urban would be going after reading urban statement Friday night saying, you know what? Maybe maybe we can figure out a way to save him. He also talked about how urban Meyer should expect to be suspended. Listen to this. It look like they're finding a way to to suspend urban for a couple of games and let him do this. May culpa sit down with and I say this because he's my friend now because I'm insulting him the sit down with calmer and all where he cries and Shelley Mayer looking at him and talking about how he's the greatest man, she's ever known. Then he, he goes some PR stunt. And I mean stunt. Bye. Bye. Bye. Donating money to to someone and all live happily ever after. There you have it. Urban Meyer was ninety percent of his game. He's a two-time national champion at the Ohio State. If there's a way they can find a way to keep him on board, they use them in, they're going to do it. Plain and simple Bata way in terms of the hall of fame speech that took place. Randy moss was great. Ray Lewis was Ray Lewis or preacher to be. And teo. Made a quick note of why he was skipping canton, Ohio. We don't need to play that sound paraphrase. Bottom line is that Terrel Owens basically pointed the finger at the media not living up to his responsibilities. Ladies and gentlemen. Teo is right. However, you feel about t- os character in the bylaws or just from a issue of fairness, has nothing to do with whether or not he was a hall of fame player. Teo was never in trouble with the law. So essentially what you had was a situation where it was a personality conflict. Some people thought he was a bit too belligerent to cancerous to bradey. Stop them from bringing them on a team that stop them from putting him on the field. Did it stop him from being statistically one of the top three receivers in the history of the National Football League? The answer is no. And because the answer was no. But he was still left off of the ballot, the first and the second ballot. Is a disgrace. You have to understand that when you are an athlete or you or somebody that's infatuated with the world of sports. One thing you stand by is that it's supposed to be the closest thing to a method. Remember talk with see this nation as. Will you perform on the field of play. It can never be taken from you. That's what we believe as so by his arrival to the hall of fame being delayed. You basically showed a glass ceilings existence sports too. And that's what makes the media look bad because the media forty eight media members are the ones who decide who goes into the hall of fame, not the place that were they in canton, Ohio, waiting for him. I still think one day is going to regret it because those brothers there will would have been there to support you. And the celebrate you arrival to the hall of fame Ray Lewis even mentioned you..

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