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To a website, solid dot com and flout the contact form. Please give us your suggestions today, though, as I said, the guest of honor is Michael junior of ESPN, formerly of Notre Dame. He was actually on her show a few months back with Dan today. It's just going to be the two of us. Talking all things Irish. So thank you again for downloading. And without further ado, here, we go. All right. I am joined now by former Notre Dame player current ESPN personality pleased. A welcome him back to the show. Mr. Mike Golic junior, sir. How are you? I'm doing great. Glad to be back. Glad we finally cut out the middleman to just get to the talk. That's really important that people actually care about here. We're cutting right to the bone now. So the last time you were on I need to ask this, Dan made me ask this. He gave you a recommendation for something called a Pensacola, which I believe was like a cold brew or some cold coffee concoction mixed with coconut LaCroix. Have you tried this at all? I did I gave the Pensacola shot, and it is a welcome addition to my caffeine arsenal. 'cause there's someone who gets up. Gets up pretty early through most of the week. And once they Dan also introduced me, the idea of the coffee nap on Saturday, I combined those combined those two ideas together to go the Pensacola and the coffee nap into one in a college football Saturday, and it is definitely changed. My my view inexperience of the weekend. The better the Pensacola slumber. Oh, man that sounds like a movie. Well, we're here to talk about Notre Dame. I wanna start here because I had a close friend who kind of caught me off guard a self-proclaimed Notre Dame hater, and he said, you know, I I kind of feel like I could root for this Notre Dame team. And obviously a caught me by surprise because I know the guy and hates Notre Dame. Normally I feel like I've heard a lot more of that this year. And there hasn't been shortage of story lines on the Notre Dame side of things which we can get into. But it has all been weirdly low key for a team. That is always someone in the spotlight. Am I crazy or are you detecting that sort of quality to the season as well? I am you know, I noticed it really from the beginning. And now, I think it's those of us that are closest to the situation always come in with a bit more trepidation. Maybe it's just me because I was part of so many seasons where I was on the team's doing the disappointing for our fan base. And for us with some of the losses that we put down during my time at Notre name. So I always go with a little more trepidation to the season. But I was being talked into how good this team could be by a lot of my co workers early on in the season. Trevor manage one of our analysts who's been beat the drum for Notre Dame since before the year started, and it really took for me getting out to a practice before the Michigan game that week and just seeing this team in person for the first time in two thousand eighteen and see some of the stuff we have there's a lot to like because you've. Got certainly a lot of guys that have been around there for a while you had the change in quarterback and in book bursting onto the scene, but I think you've got a lot of really talented guys. And and a lot of guys that have I think performed really well on a couple of big stages that Notre Dame's had so far this season. So it's like anything else when you perform well in prime time, people tend to notice pay attention a little more. And I think that goes a long way let's talk about that quarterbacks which Notre Dame. Of course, switches quarterbacks from Brandon wimbush to Ian book after three and start book comes on the offense is clearly been better, and I'm not so much. So prized that Brian Kelly would want to see if he could give them more. I guess I'm just a little surprised that actually made the move and did so definitively and very cleanly hasn't looked back at all. You'll remember the last time. I know you remember the last time there was a quarterback controversy at Notre Dame. It was a whole lot Messier than what we've seen go on this year. So..

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