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Hospitality. I'm your host Sean Walsh. And this is Kelly. BBQ Media Production and we are here today with a very special guest Chris beal. Who is the marketing manager for a E. G. Entertainment Group here at the Pechanga arena in San Diego? Chris what's up has a gallon. It's fantastic yes. I'm so stoked to be here. This is like next level stuff and you know you do such a fantastic job doing this in barbecue so so stoked to be a part of it. Well I mean for for me doing this podcast starting with behind the smoke doing one hundred episodes with Derek Marceau. Who owns a butcher shop and I own a barbecue restaurant? It's really allowed us to look at marketing in a different way than just focusing on marketing Kelly Kelly Comfort Barbecue Italy or valley farm. And it's allowed us to get into a position where we're always learning Learning things that I'd never knew existed assisted trying to figure out new platforms figured out podcast distribution and for us. We are here to talk about aged aged specifically but also your background so for the listeners. That don't know who annual tenor team at group is give us a little bit of the big behemoth breath yes. Sports entertainment yet is a global entertainment company. I'm definitely not you know the official AG spokesperson just. You know I mean and that it is. It is a company that has many tentacles. You know They own various facilities including a Pechanga arena San the Eggo Put on different festivals. Different tours so fantastic company to work for Just because of all that reach and and They do everything from Coachella two own sports teams including the kings up in l. a. and then and then various different buildings staple centers one of their signature properties. Everybody knows staple center And and allows us also to kind of get together the other two different different marketers from different properties or You know kind of coming together and collaborating so it makes it definitely worthwhile. Yeah I I mean I think for me personally. One of the coolest things that's happening with marketing and with business small business big business genocides businesses that everyone has to start understanding what is happening with marketing. What's happening with digital what are how does our company present online? How does are constantly present in person told totem and that's less to this very interesting place What I'd I'd love to hear more about kind of your background because you're you definitely didn't go to school to get into sports entertainment properties real? I didn't yeah my background I mean was TV news. So I set out of of starting college wanting to TV reporter ended up being TV reporter which is college. So was there a moment that I think in high school is really where I went to Highschool here Uni of them now as cathedral relocated. My High. School is I think a luxury apartment complex nestled. Right Yeah Cross my memo. You went there studio so in high school. We had kind of a video production team team. I I really liked that aspects of things. I wasn't actually fantastic academically But really kind of gravitated towards all that creative stuff and really sought. TV News as kind of like accessible. It wasn't like film which I felt was like Steven Spielberg leg. How do you crack that young to be? Somebody's kid the that kind of thing. TV was even you know even on that same realm for me like how do you get on a TV lot. That kind of thing TV News you seem like there was like a TV station like five or six of them in every down now and seemed like a way to kind of get into into that realm liked telling stories obviously And liked being on camera. That worked out. And were you ever awkward on camera. Because I think that's a big fear. Fear that he had a business I mean a lot of people I mean even even the people that we had on behind the Smith Tower. Lipkin Heather Myers Jim Trotter. These people the Jim Trotter was a writer for the Union he studied journalists but now he's on TV for an NFL network. Yeah you know so. He never saw himself during talks about how when he was first on camera was a weird experience. I think we're experience and thankfully I think I did it a lot younger. You know what I mean because that was kind of doing this this at sort of an early age and I think everybody goes through all the Awkward Seth. Some people hate to tell you probably never going to grow out of it. You know what I mean people people probably you know maybe you know. Maybe it's not their thing you know what I mean. Some people see that they kind of they work around it you know they they find ways to you know to to find a presence you know some people kind of have it a little bit more. Naturally you know so I I think it was thankfully something. I was a muscle I was able to exercise early on. And then I'm thinking by the time I kind of graduated College you certainly had done a fair amount to where you know. I felt comfortable now. Still you know you're thinking about like your first TV job. My First TV reporter job was in Palm Springs Spring so fun it was like the coolest thing in the world. I mean it was like my college. I went to college here really kind of went to college journalism. I went to culture journalism here at UCSD. Yeah communication and First Time being live I mean this was is it was a plane crash Up in the hills of you know something one hundred twenty degrees there and I'm thinking thinking I like I need to have no notes like was what my brain is telling beal teacher told Ya no no nobody Chris you need to have no nuts. You know you need. Did you do this flawlessly from you know so I have my notes I think at the foot of my you know at my feet you know and and it's cameraman Yo. Yeah there's camera yourself. Produce wasn't self producing. Yeah you know there is like you know notes at my feet. They're flying everywhere. My brain is like everywhere to like equal as the paper is my brain. How many people are watching the all this stuff? I mean it was came to horrendous. Yeah it was. It was so bad. I remember calling my boss. You know. I'm like dude was alive. Yeah and I'm saying okay. I you know that this is not my best representation. You know I I will do better this kind of thing. He knows. I mean this. This guy was expecting it. Yeah you know what I mean in this guy knows you bring a guy the first time going live. He's not going to be incredible. You know what I mean like so I was putting more pressure. Did you have any self doubt Mike from the beginning that you probably you pick the wrong path Thankfully I I I really I try not to let that voice voice get too loud and I really you know whatever. It is just outlook or whatever I just I tried to not let that voice get too big. You know now and And I think that I knew that it was something that that you know that I would pursue and probably be good at you know and I think I was you know And then ended up going on to work in Sacramento and back down here in San Diego moving here with my wife and and It was. It's a fun run TV mortgage Megyn wife we met In in Sacramento Sacramento at the news. Yeah Yeah yes yeah. She was a producer And just hit it off immediately And she your producer. Yes yeah yeah. That's funny. My wife my producer. She's still my producing my life since got married. Yeah probably before that. Yeah that's fantastic. So you moved. Why'd you move? What'd you guys? Move Down to San Diego. I you know my hometown you know. I think we We were both looking for. You're a city where we could Both be happy in and hang out together you know and and be together and and She actually had the job. Bob and I basically said to her. You know UGO MALFA figured out ended up figuring it out Fox five brought me in and All the management management. They're like cannot say enough good things about them. Yeah and You know worked there. You know they they really set me up you know For Success US you know and and and so grateful that they gave me the job so I could feel comfortable. You know moving to San Diego could have done it like would have been scary. We were you know Obviously not married at the time. Didn't have kids at the time so I could have moved down here with no job. Just wouldn't have been comfortable. You know what I mean. It's always it's it's always good to have cash. You both got hired at Fox five She was working at another. Oh you got it. So how many different stations in San Diego enjoy for just that one yeah But in in all how many different stations so palm springs Sacramento the sort of in the three Soda Palm Springs Sacramento Sacramento and Fox any differences. In how those stations were run Yes you know some want the you kind of this mentality of like the kind of do your own kind of thing you know that's Like not a new phenomenon. Now now I used I used to call like a new phenomenon. It's like you know since the beginning of your own. What do you mean like shoot? Yep Edit a report you you know all those types of things I think tweet pose Lago. Yeah blog to my forgetting now growing and so you know 'cause reporters who were reporters orders in like the golden era. We'll tell you now like I don't think you're Manera. Yeah they get like that day is gone. You know because you know. Now it's it's it's even if even if you have Taga for which is which I feel as the way to go even if you have a photographer there is that aspect of the digital presence. Kahar you do you have fifteen thousand followers direct Can you help us promote. Do you have an audience On Your own. So it's It's it's a different thing. I remember like I getting on twitter. Yeah I'm like what is this thing you know what I mean. Why do I need to be on this thing and then I start seeing like okay? If I'm I'm on a live scene and there is a standoff happening in a neighborhood I'm like Oh my God I just gained like one hundred dollars right now you know And and you find that other people with huge followings or re tweeting you sharing all of your stuff okay you know..

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