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Newly released text between x mula team members also suggest is a text message extravaganzas today that suggests they knew the outcome of the clinton email probe in advance now the justice department is given various congressional committees nearly four hundred pages of additional text messages between those two fbi officials who were removed from special counsel robert meals investigation this is the same peter struck and lisa page sir text between them four hundred pages of text between stirs up and lisa page these two fbi officials suggest that they knew the outcome of the clinton email investigation before it had even begun and this fivemonths of texts missing that the fbi says it has lost mmm come see me in phoenix dangerous or com slash phoenix join us here at the milo show off the january twenty nine when we will be disappearing behind the a very very low it's not really a war so like a trump it's a it's more of a small a what is it not even pick picket picket fences too much at the door with a lock no no it's now eight eight eight snow it's it's it's like one of those things those gymnasts things that you just step up onto when you've won the first prize it's a very small efforts that you have to make why how high would it be more like a foot foot foot that's 47 fitter year is like stepping up two two claimed first prize as as america's most discerning consumer of media's dangerous dot com slash join we can only succeed if we do it with you this and is lost out of the show and when we come back.

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