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Airport. Coming up, we hear an update on the search for 90 Vera Bonnie. That's after traffic and weather together on the eights. First, Let's check in with Julian Rogers 1 83 West in Irving. Maura. At least I'm sorry heading to Irving from Northwest Dallas. Not quite an Irving. It's an accident at Regal Row and we still have most of the freeway blocked the right lane. Which which I believe is actually the ramp that comes in from Regal. Raoh is the only thing getting through your backup. Still very strong from about Mockingbird. I 20 hasn't come apart yet. Duncan build a grand prairie told you wouldn't there still a knish? You holding up the left lane westbound at carrier and I think this is still activity. From that previous wrecked that ate up most of the freeway. So overall, the backup continues from about Cedar Ridge. And it takes up to 30 minutes to get over the 3 60 If you're coming from Duncanville so absolutely something to plan for their 303 camp wisdom to the South, you have a couple of other options. Me personally, I would use one of them. Going east. Very heavy, but definitely not the backup. You see on that westbound side eastbound is slow from about great Southwest. All right, let's take it over to Terek County and see how we're doing. Randy Fuller. All right. Bet for not looking too bad at all. Westbound on 1 83 once year past industrial, then you're gonna come up on that usual slow stretch of slow moving traffic happens between 1 21 of ground trail, then be ready for more delays. Past pipeline on the East. Lupe, 20 South of 35. W's moving along it posted speeds from Rosedale past 22 Government Parkway that stretch will run you about 15 minutes and North Lupe, 20. Heading eastbound slows down a blue mound. And then you're good all the way from Mark 4 to 35 W. 20 heading east into Terrel still held up just a little bit. Uh, it's an accident in the left lane as you approach that 1 48 exit, and that's what did that damage But honestly, if I'm heading in that direction, probably not too concerned. Just goingto prepare for about three or four minutes of traffic. Eastbound LBJ still on issue on the shoulder near Marsh, and that's why we have some heavy traffic in farmers Branch. It's not bad. It's just something you're not used to seeing at this point in the day. And beyond. That looks good heading into the Northeast Dallas area, at which point of course we slow around the high five, but no issues. A lot of tangled up traffic trying to exit off those ramps. I'm Julian Rogers next reported for 28 breaking traffic alerts when they have a early Weather center forecast Partly cloudy tonight, dropping to about 80 tomorrow. Partly sunny, hot, humid.

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