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Check out truecar today. If teasha in Colton don't work out. I could see I see a lot of similarities between. Sorry. This is weird to say. But but like put to being Teixeira and Colton in beckon. I I think there's just such a mutual respect for one another. And I have like a good friendship movie. If it doesn't work out with them. I love Becca. I could see tash the best echo extra. You could possibly have. I loved her. I really deal. She's great. She's awesome. So as Garrett so I love carrot. We need to go. That'd be a fun double date. Oh, we will definitely gonna date when I when I pod cast with those two together. I was like are a match made in heaven a great question. I know the answer, but we have three girls left. Yeah. We're clearly going out of double date. Yeah. Once we find out colts with who. Do you want to be? All right. So clearly. About an if he sends her home, and they don't make her the bachelorette. I will I will raise. Hell, okay. So if she goes home, then who's the second person you'd want to go on a double date with. What this sounds like it's a bit of a mean girl thing. Okay. So we won't because all of them would be lovely. We were just talking. You don't have to answer it. The most with Katia that's fair. Okay. Is it a mingle? No. But I just didn't want to act like I- favorites. But you know it. Okay. Fine. Cassie. But I don't know. Because I also that's the whole thing is I don't know how to g problem, and she she has to accept that for the rest of her career. She's going to be handed g she's not Hannah anymore headed kind of gangs. That's why she needs to be a little more gangster to when she was rapid like that. Like, I was like this girl's cool like where this pin all season. That's true. But yeah. That I don't know her. So it's hard to say who I would wanna hang out with because I feel like I don't I feel like I don't know her reputation. Go ahead. You have the Mike. I'm not doing that. This is so funny. You're like, I'm not I'm not doing that. But I can see the wheels turning in your head. And you're like, okay. What can I? Cal try. I'll try freestyle. Okay. Go don't give you be. Sitting in room having some wine. I like to drink it all the time. Yeah podcast. I'm Jay keys. Cute. A like his Tisch nothing. Ron's with two. That's all I got. Started bush. Oh, it started off good. But if you're gonna sing one karaoke song. What would you say, what do you mean? Fifteen seconds of my karaoke song, you know, style. It would be shoop. And everybody's heard me sing shoop eight million times a different one. Okay. Don't go. Chase of falls. Not the ramp him. I seen a rainbow yesterday. But too many stones Gottlieb and a trace of not one God gave him raise it because my life is ten shades of gray up L ten fade away seldom prison sunny day. I don't actually know the words and like my promises true only fake and undo the many chances I blew to bring my life to one new clear. Blue and.

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