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By the by the women's bad women but these were not bad man playing bingo in the hole where you were well presumably not they were happy none of the ones who are winning anyway because this isn't just this isn't being for like peanuts or electrical appliances it's for cash money up to three thousand dollars a game up to three thousand dollars a game whoa did they have the same kind of like big rolling Cajun front that they would pull balls out of did it look like a bingo hall that we would see in America so it had a big blue ball but it was a lot more complicated than bingo because their numbers and not letters and the numbers go from one to ninety and then the announcer would do this clever sort of thing where before almost every number he'd give some sort of reference that the Iraqis would get like he'd say war with Iran and everybody would know that was eighty eight because in nineteen eighty eight was the year the war ended Sir James over the last year you have covered so many scenes of war of refugees of cities coming back to life after ISIS why is this the scene that stuck with you that you wanted to bring to us today I think because for all the time is spent in Mosul you know that that was time spent under the restrictions of Saddam were with the US military or in and out quickly went outside and ISIS were around and I kind of felt they never got to know it so was sitting with remarkable people from Mosel who had been there all along this this young activist who who's volunteer movement to help to rebuild the city with musician and with people like I think the businessman who opened it who said he wanted to change the mentality in Mosul but he wasn't gonna do with guns because then people would bring more guns he was going to do it by offering fear him thing go and I think most of all it it brought back a part of that Iraq that I had known and loved and it's now harder to find that tolerance where if you want to you can go to the mosque and pray or if you want to you can go and drink can play bingo and all those things co exist Dana wrapped with a gift from the international desk.

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