Attorney General William Barr, U. S., Senator Chuck Schumer discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


From looking at hospitalization rate I see you rate and a percent positivity of the overall tests in a given state meanwhile president trump's comment about asking his people to limit the testing so that statistics didn't look so bad has gotten some strong reaction but Peter Navarro White House trade adviser on CNN says all the president was just joking trump on J. you know I was tongue in cheek the resident come on now that was tongue in cheek that's become a familiar clarification tool for the administration meanwhile the attendance at his rally failed to fill the arena as a matter of fact less than a third an outside event was cancelled for lack of interest and the call and the president called during the rally covert nineteen the Kong flu Beijing is made public some of its plans for the national security law for Hong Kong it says it would allow the central government to supervise policing of so called subversive activities regarding the protests and in some cases it intervene directly it would override the independent legal system and out of actual security office in Hong Kong Bloomberg's Yvonne man reports it brings big questions about autonomous response has been a direct challenge to the autonomy of Hong Kong and the imposition of this national security law shows that Beijing will circumvent what what what legal system that Hong Kong has here and basically if they don't comply with with Beijing's wishes whether its legislative the courts as well as the chief executive so was not passed but it could be ready for the next meeting meanwhile pro democracy labor unions have failed to get support from strikers against the law separately a secondary students action platforms as well instigate class boycott as a fell short of their goal of some other targets for in person voting KCNA is reporting north Korea's leaflet distribution against the south is almost complete now it says to well the million distributed the chief federal prosecutor in New York Geoffrey Berman ended his standoff with Attorney General William Barr after he says the AG switch course on who would take over for him it will be his assistant Audrey Strauss meanwhile SEC chair Jay Clayton is still set to possibly go for Senate confirmation and senator Chuck Schumer says that is dead on arrival I'm also calling on Mr Clayton to withdraw from any consideration as U. S. attorney for the Southern District and I will block his nomination using.

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