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So we're gonna talk about the short while but firstly you get everybody in the band in different parts of the country now. Euro urine oxford. If you just said pete wiggs in. Hove actually bob. Stump is bradford. How did you go about making this record. When you all geographically distributed all zoom like we have to do everything these days Yeah we used to share. I mean we to concern about the kind of feeling of the record. What we wanted it to say proper now. Kind of very complicated concept. If you that but with the idea is what would happen was the pete send may music might count with some bits of melody as few words not many words on the record and we just share ideas and then come to edit them so was it was kind of made you on a computer in the manner of the ancient art method exquisite corpse. What person does a bit puzzled. Saudi else they fiddle with it. I guess posture out your cupcakes constantly. Just mentioned that this album about memory and optimism that that time between nineteen hundred. Seventy two thousand and one. The labor party just won an election. Victory it's this little little island of of Things might not be dreadful. What generated us. We must algae feeling. Was it being separated from the rest of the land at having to do it through the window at it. I think there is an element to fat. An it's about thinking time you remember. That was optimistic. Seemed like great things happening. And it's about how your memory gets you'd over time and i think we'll probably look back home. The last eighteen months two years with that. Same kind of feeling you know. There's some bits of being looked down. The i really love the very first day over the us and did a lot of making bread out with the teens in watching boats sets and stuff in them but yet you know. I'll probably just remember as bits in a few years time in older the credits but Yet it's about memory and how it gets mixed up in your mind

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