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When Ronald out rebound down. The Plumlee goes back up and gets fouled then Derrick favors grabs Plumlee his arm and Yanks him out of bounds. And then a two. And now we go. One quick punched by favors to the chest area of Mason Plumlee. And quickly the Salt Lake City security jumps in to break. It up. Quickly. Gonna go with the anchorman line wealth gyn cons. Jason cosmic altitude radio network. You heard it right here on Xtra sports thirteen hundred the other night. I the kerfuffle the skirmish the scuffle, whatever you wanna call it between Mason, Plumlee and Derrick favors the punishment has finally been handed down. What took so long as my question. But whatever. Nicole Yokich suspended for leaving the bench area. He will serve it tonight. Because if you could either serve it against the sun's or against the Sixers, which would you choose so Nicole Yokich will not be available for the nuggets tonight against the Phoenix Suns. And then as far as the two combatants. I hesitate to use combatants because NBA fights or some of the weakest fights of all the fights. But the two combatants Mason Plumlee got fined twenty five grand Derrick favors who clearly by the audio did more to Mason, Plumlee, the Mason Plumlee did to him. Only find fifteen K. So that's part of the issue. Here wise, Mason Plumlee. Getting fine so much more. And it's not again, it's not Mason Plumlee has plenty of money. That's not the point. The point is fairness. What is fair here? Derrick favors did way. More not only did he instigate it and start the whole thing. But he inflicted more damage. Dan, Mason Plumlee did. But yet Plumlee get fined ten thousand more dollars the bit. So that's already seeming Lee askew. And then you get to the Yokich thing. There is no doubt that Yokich reacted. Consciously or subconsciously to what was going on with Mason Plumlee, we keep asking Nicole Yokich, and we being fans media and even Michael Malone. Keep asking Kolio could be a leader. This is your team. Be the best player on the court beat the leader. And he was he had a he had a visceral reaction as any of us would to one of our teammates being. You know, getting in a little bit of a fight. There's no doubt he left the bench area letter of the law. Kiki Vandeweghe is right suspension. But many have brought up today the inconsistencies of the NBA's enforcement of these rules, and I say to KiKi Vandeweghe who I had a brief conversation with one night at the Pepsi center. I like it very much. I would say what is the intent of this rule. It's not to say you are not allowed to react in any way. You stay seated and you don't do anything. Or is it? We have an easier time of breaking up a fight between two or three or four guys than to have both benches clear like baseball. And now there's twenty guys on the court and in these referees. Can't do anything about it, and it escalates and turns into some really ugly. It's obviously the second one and Nicole Yokich did nothing. Two. Escalate what was going on? So I thought KiKi Vandeweghe had the latitude to say, yeah, I get it. He got off off the bench. She got out of the way a little bit. But what was he doing? Was the escalate no by KiKi Vandeweghe DNC that see it that way. Went letter of the law and Nicola Yokich is serving a one game suspension story number two. Coach who the gangster. You're you. You. Tell them the truth. You are you are Mike Tomlin and all of us know, your baby ain't nothing but the truth. Do I need to credit him? If you post something on social media, I guess I do John Bohlen. On Instagram with the credit there on the audio. Although I got it through another website because he deleted it already. So deadspin deadspin. Yeah. Okay. There you go. You'll credits. There you go. That was a bizarre video that John Bolen shot the other day one of many with Vance Joseph, and I guess we're not we don't care anymore because he's not the Broncos head coach it kind of fluttered under the proverbial radar. But the comments that Joe, John and has made sense on social media have not fluttered under any radar. Kinda went on one of those social media tirades against Vic Fangio apparently John Bohlen wanted Mike Shanahan to come back. Four separate posts. Talking at Mike Shanahan, which I'm pretty sure. Mike, Shannon, doesn't have Instagram. So he's speaking to somebody. That's not even on the social media platform. And at the same time dogging Vic Fangio that was consistent theme. I love my Shanahan. You should be the head coach not this clown, Vic Fangio. And. It. It's just more bizarre stuff coming from the Boleyn family and just shows that outside of Pat like this family is just you know, what show they really are stabbing. Each other in the back badmouthing suing each other. And then you have John Bowlin who gets blitzed with Vance Joseph and goes off on Instagram about how Mike Shanahan should be the the head coach of the Broncos. Just. Like, I don't wanna make too much of it. Because it's a dude. Getting blitzed and saying stupid stuff on social media. I'm not gonna make like how will this affect the twenty nineteen season? It won't. But it just you just look and like, man. And some of you might have these kind of families where you feel like you're the you're like, Michael blue, right? And you're trying to hold the family together. And they're all wrecks. It just a mess. And you're the only thing kind of holding them together. And what would happen if you were out of the picture, in some way, shape or form? It'd be chaos, and that's what's going on right now. With Pat bolan in the situation. He's in. He's got daughters from different mothers fighting with each other. He's got his brother suing the guys that he put in charge of the Denver Broncos. He has this do fish John acting like an idiot. Just really weird and wacky. And just makes you appreciate Pat bolan all the more. I think I am finally today story number three. Now, he has first and second.

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