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Stuff was sports on TV was today. Sunday mother's day. I should be able to get a newspaper and read it all day, right? The whole newspaper in twenty minutes. Just morning your slow readers because you're slow reader in it. There's no good sports articles. And then back then go pick up in in my younger days. Go pick up an okapi the sporting news, and they would use you last three or four days. Now where we think I'm line. And there's nothing in it one about sports weekly. I joined a sports weekly. I don't know about all that don't you? Get the sports weekly over there. Jay, Jay, Jay. Yeah. JJ doesn't get anything anymore. Once you only those at the drugstore. Bookstore. They got the sports weekly. Every Wednesday comes on. I love that. That's my time. We can try something new. That's good. That's good paper. I like that. All right. Are you doing Mr Cameron and prance how subscribe to your newsletter? Well, let's say ESPN magazines. Visit because a lot of magazines are doing that a lot of we, you know, we do nineteen most of the time line when I think a lot of people protesting too is if you want content now in some of these side, you're gonna pay for it. So it's not all free on the internet. Have you heard this? Free of the internet to entertain. Tweet Dallas for a Sunday.

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