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Soon e Previn. Oh my gosh. Forty Allen's wife, Mia, Farrow dot daughter. So and she was the adopted daughter of Andre Previn and near feral six when she came into the family, and she and she claims that she was in college when her affair with Woody began. The actual if you look at everything it seems she was seventeen, but she never gives any interview his interview that she gave to New York magazine writer does clear does. Posit that she is a forty year fan of Woody Allen, and she's a friend of soon e Prevot. So here we go overnight SUNY Previn breaking her silence twenty five years after her affair with what he Allen I made headlines Previn is the adopted daughter of actress Mia Farrow, Allen was pharaohs longtime partner and thirty five years. President senior brother now forty-seven and Mary to Alan for more than twenty years. Now, speaking out about her famous mother, telling New York magazine's website vulture they were like oil and water from the very beginning of their relationship Mia wasn't maternal to me from the get-go says president who was adopted by pharaoh entered. Then husband the pianist and conductor Andre Previn. She tried to teach me the alphabet with those wooden blocks. If I didn't get them, right? Sometimes she throw them at me or down on the floor who can learn under that pressure. Previn says she is not seeking revenge toward pharaoh saying. I was never interested in writing a, mommy dearest getting even with me up. None of that. President also spoke out about the accusations from Allen's adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, who claims she was molested by Alan in one thousand nine hundred eighty two when she was just seven years old saying what's happened to Woody is so upsetting. So unjust Mia has taken advantage of the metoo movement and paraded Dylan as a victim and a whole new generation is hearing about it when they shouldn't the claims setting off a bitter custody battle Allen was never charged with any crime Dillon has spoken out about the accusations in recent years, he's playing and. It's been lying for so long. Phero releasing a statement to New York magazine saying any implication, she was manipulated by her mother was offensive. This only serves to revictimizes me. Dylan writes, thanks to my mother. I grew up in a wonderful home, Ronan Farrow, Allen and Farrow's only biological child who has reported a series of high profile metoo stories also released a statement, accusing his father and his allies of quote planting stories that attack and vilified my mother to deflect for my sister's credible allegation of abuse. NBC news has reached out to me a fair about the article and province claims against her. She has not responded, but we should also point out that Woody Allen was present for much of that interview. And he weighed in periodically. Oh, he. Now that I didn't know in reading everything that I read about it. Yeah. You know, she gets to tell her story as she remembers it. I mean. Yeah. No. I completely you can believe people runs. You can believe that. Woody Allen abused his daughter, and you can believe as soon prevalent, and one of her other sons, Moses Farrow has said that she was emotionally and physically abusive, you can believe both of those those things, but I guess we're she said, you know, parading, you know, Dylan as as a victim. I mean, it is kind of an interesting piece. But to me, of course, soon he has her truth, but I feel like at seventeen when she talks about like, she was so intoxicated. The fact that this fifteen year old man wanted to kiss her fifty. And. By the way. Groomed. Her maybe early on. To be like her savior out of that home. Maybe he saw that. Remember, he and Mia Farrow had a very interesting relationship. They lived in Brownstone across the street from each other. The night at her house never spent the night at the house of his kids, but the Dylan Farrow abuse is very credible because a neighbor walked in on Woody Allen with his head in his daughter's lap in Dylan Farrell Dylan Farrell's lap. And that's all tests. They just decided they didn't want to have a seven year old have to testify area. The only reason the charges ever happened. Now Roger Friedman. At showbiz. He obviously is more on the camp of Woody Allen because he said gee mea is upset that Woody Allen is finally using her own tactics against her because there have been people feeling that Mia Farrow, did get people to do different smear things on Woody Allen through reporters that she knows. I believe that. But at the same time those same reporters like marine or at that Vanity Fair have come out. And they said, yeah, I might be friends with me affair would here. He actually public this couple years ago, the eight or nine factual things that she knew in investigating a whole story about Woody Allen abusing his his daughter. So it feels like I mean listening to reading this interview that I thought was you know, she said, I was never interested. We're talking about SU SU ni. Sunni, Mia Farrow, and Woody Allen's adopted daughter or wasn't Woody Allen's, but it's not Woody. Allen's wife that she said. I was never interested in writing a, mommy dearest getting even with me, and none of that. But what's happened to Woody is so setting an unjust? And then he's sitting there with her. I know bothers me because he's got a movie that's been hung up or something. And also that she still goes by Previn. Yes, she's never taken. I mean. But to me, I almost feel like she's damaged him brainwash from being with Woody Allen her whole adult life since she was seventeen. But I also think that there was he was a father figure I knew her. I mean, I feel sorry for her. And I'm sorry that she eats the woman that when you hear her account of her life with me a feral. She just said it started when they first met a decree an orphanage. She was adopted when she was six years old this woman. In comes to me. Throws her arms around me gives me big hug, and I'm standing there rigidly thinking who is this woman as is one water. Yeah. Yeah. No. I could see that. And, but then, you know, Mia Farrow starts a relationship with Woody Allen in nineteen eighty a year later, so she's like seven. So she doesn't know this guy this guy as anyway, it's just it's it's easy to believe, you know, both stories, but I she is doing the same thing that all of of Woody Allen supporters. Do they deny Dylan the right for her to tell her story in the pond in this whole thing? And she's the one that had happened to that's. Mistake here is that what happened to Dylan did not happen. I think she wants to tell her story on it. And you get to do that. But don't be smart. Another woman. Tell her story. Very good. We will be back with random mytalk one zero seven.

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