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Of Ethan app, fubo, game plus, iHeartRadio, YouTube TV. Baton Rouge. Shout out to Baton Rouge. Skill Alexander, Brian Ortega in for Jeff parley this morning still to come this hour, Paul spoor, on baseball, gotta talk to him out for Nando tatis. Good lord. Talk about just torpedoing your team. We'll talk to him about that and more, Major League Baseball, get his thoughts, DFS, and betting wise today on the Major League Baseball slate. We'll also hear from JV T little NBA Tom. We haven't talked about the NBA in forever. We'll do ten minutes talking about these rumors. See where JBT stands on all of them. Katie and beyond. And Wes Reynolds here momentarily to talk golf with us. Got to ask him for this step straka shot ranks for him just miserable decision making. Well maybe he didn't even think it was a decision. I don't know. We get tweets, though, at beating the book. This is from rob wort. He said, hey Gil was listening to PGA on serious yesterday when Willie Z hit that shot that bounced on the bricks 5 or 6 times, not sure who the announcer was, but he described it as plinko, made me smile and think the announcer might be a closet. A numbers game fan. Maybe so, felt very plinko ish. That was an act of God that that ball did not go in the water. Because it bounced on, it bounced on the brick on the brick again, and then back down. It didn't land on any grass. If you tried to do that 10,000 more times, you could not. Roger Jones on Twitter said, I believe pre season marvel is most apt for PJ walker. What did I say, preseason juggernaut? Yeah, pre season marvel's good too. West Reynolds ladies and gentlemen is the glue that holds this whole operation together. He's the co host of the greatest golf show there ever was a long shot and coming to a screen near you soon west. How you doing, man? Good morning, Gayle. How are you? I'm doing very well. You were the guy I wanted to talk to you. First of all, for a couple of reasons. One selfishly, let me just sort of say, thank you to you for giving me a nice run at it this weekend. In my one and done with Kelly and Matt and prime time, I had available to meet John rom, Sam Burns, who was the member who the fourth one was.

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