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But Katie Curtis with these Snohomish Health District says it makes sense to have the other counties group together. A lot of our hospital systems. Um, are kind of spanning across those county Porter's anyways, spokesperson for Snohomish County says Based on current projections, the county will likely run out of doses of the Corona virus vaccine before the end of next week. In Olympia. Over the weekend, hundreds of National Guard members were on duty to protect the campus in the event of violent protests. Here's what the State Patrol said. We're making the statement. You can't do illegal things here, but we're also making a statement. Our system works, so let's let it works. Let's have their fights inside that building with words not around the building with clubs and fists and guns. Chris Loft is with the State Patrol said initial Intel suggested potential armed rallies converging on the capital at noon. No threat ever materialized. There's no situation that we're aware of in any of the 50 capitals that that is a different from what you're seeing here. But authorities statewide aren't letting their guard down. And this heightened police presence leading up to inauguration day extends beyond the Capitol campus in Olympia were told they've added extra officers through the weekend and on Saturday in Seattle police took no chances, bringing out the bomb squad when a 34 year old man told authorities he had a bomb in his truck parked next to the FBI headquarters. Since Goebbels, Patrick Quinn. Nearly 6000. Amazon workers in Alabama are preparing to vote on whether to form a union warehouse workers are set to receive ballots on February 8th to vote by mail. If approved, it would be the first workers Union for the E commerce giant. Amazon has opposed the union effort to vote coming after Amazons warehouse working conditions came under scrutiny during the Pandemic, as Patrick Quinn reported it remained quiet on the Capitol grounds in Olympia over the weekend, despite fears of violent protests more from Kemal's Jonathan show. Are you disappointed? More people didn't show up today? Not particularly. The Capitol building remains fortified with fencing, and it still looks like a war zone. But it didn't keep John Hess away. I just want people to know that Enough of us in this country think this election was G, to say the least in other words stolen and he's the only protester who showed up outside the capital of making that message loud and clear. Are you playing on trying to go past the gates today? Are you going to keep it.

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