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Found they were penniless you were broke. hi story of rock and roll and the drugs would also be in that story Harry writing that she'd buy heroin for herself in Stein even after he was hospitalized with a severe illness why why because we were junkies. and it was you know helped us survive this desperately horrible situation the thing is yes I regret it because I know that. you know was a silly waste of time but then I I don't really regret my life the things that are important to me now I because they've you know. god to all of this stuff. yeah I agree world she's had some some other thing she said she was kidnapped by Ted Bundy and the van when around the corner that she was in the back of the van and she got out and later and later no it wasn't on that I read it in some other stuff I was reading about her today's MMR just came out USA today says it's one of the top five memoirs one must read it's that good while and then so there's this article in people magazine talking about you know she was with Iggy Pop and David Bowie was Blondie's first tour was opening for those guys for those guys and then Iggy Pop and David Bowie's drug guide you know drug dealer they couldn't find or something happened and they were looking for some Blau which is cocaine and she had some and she gave it to them and as a treat David Bowie shorter his **** very nice yeah thank you. okay and then he said he just pulled it out and either like it was the official your charter yeah she says or something since I was in the middle of an all male band they figured I was really just you know one of my guys and it was the Tories need love to pull it out with both men and women really have been David Bowie seventy style yeah it was it was so funny adorable and sexy and she also sad it she didn't touch it it was nice I guess. that's one of the great man that I admire in the music world a genius and then she also talks about you know being kidnapped or whatever happened with the Ted Bundy character into remembers and then she watched leader on TV and said that's the guy just right. your canoe Jersey be filing it we found this on the Bundy yes that was just on Netflix and yelling but I'm and she also and what I thought was interesting is she said you know we didn't have all this knowledge about an information of course we knew drugs are bad but we all day and yeah I'll. I mean the peak of their frame was like seventy eight to eighty one got it I've mystic I I was at the tail end yeah and Sunday girl was that he had and you know they were huge in the UK and if you love new ways for she can write yeah yeah but if you love it they were just like everything you know because so what a fun first tour opening for a gig. I mean how yeah well apparently she The Washington Post in their review they got quite a bit quite a bit of crap because here's how they posted a review in her memoir Debbie Harry prove she's more than just a pretty blonde in tight pants. that's the headline there miss it isn't it complete access because imagine the headline if it was about Iggy Pop day mangle we rate Jagger all Mick Jagger is more than a pretty brunette and tight pants with a good moves right so he's got more than most not Gulf yeah right so the change that had lined and admitted we got it wrong I mean they liked her book yeah like. it said it would be such as sexist title of how the review in this when Dever here he is a punk icon she as Laurie I mean ACS sang and rapped and spent time at studio fifty four hung out with Andy world John Michel Basquiat to David Bowie shorter's **** he changed music and she showed what the front woman could look like of an all male band you're right now so and she army I'm looking for a jury in this and she does what she does admit Oliver plastic surgery well that's a true memoirs fires and yeah..

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