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Pig dot org council carter radio talk what are we talking about we have intellectual discussions bradley jay through utah jay talking wbz news radio ten thirty wbz newsradio ten thirty gonna get right to paul and but we're talking about bars i just have to share this fortunate situation i had for a little while i had a four former producer at my former station in the later incarnation she became a representative for a liquor in her job was to go into all of us she could find in all of boston and get them to use her stuff she wrapped in cocktails and get around the menu she would say come with me when i work and she had a budget and we will go to bar after bar after bar after bar and so i got to experience a lot of the cool places in boston paul brooklyn as promised as advertised harry is on wbz with anthony some marco good morning bribing good morning miss america it's funny you were talking about the sevens on charles street i all to talk about a different part the father's three wasn't that bear as well there's three others all over the place let me see fathers father charles yeah basically right at the circle and then there was a father downstairs now streak level street level but okay the barak i called to talk about was do you remember the old kentucky tavern look it up while you tell us about it.

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