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Kicking me Not from behind next to me next to me did not stop the whole flight. It was I'm checking. It changed me as a person. I've never been the same since that made you hate people that are younger than talk about birth control to that is the ultimate right is 7 20. Get updates from the World Health Organization. Is this an organization you trust? I mean, we're now joining the Who again? Is this a group that you trust? It's taken on a whole new connotation right now. It is that a yes or no? That would be, And that would be a question I've decided decided quite under less uncertain certain. Well, they're saying it didn't come from a lab. More than a year after the Corona virus was first detected. The World Health Organization investigators are offering their first assessment of how the outbreak began ahead of a team of World Health Organization experts who've spent nearly a month in China investigating the origins of the pandemic, says it's highly unlikely the Corona virus escaped from a lab. The findings suggest that the Laboratory incidents, hypotheses. He's extremely unlikely speaking him. We had the city where the outbreak was first detected. Peter Ben in barracks says it's more likely the virus jumps to humans from an animal. We have to understand that these are complex studies. They need to be done in systematic way and that's how we Bye can connect the dots, he says more work is needed. Simon Alan Fox News. A lot of people listening right now. They they're actually saying out loud. The World Health Organization is covering for the CCP. China. Yeah, well, yeah. You could look at the or the other way to look at it is if you choose to eat bat soup. Just be prepared for anything. That's what I would say. How about stop doing that? How about China? How about the world going bad? You get angry and demand that China clean up those wet markets. Why do people live like that? It's ridiculous. It Z well, it's deadly. Why don't we? Why don't we think why do we always cute? They got wet markets over there. Let's go there get some bad. It's just It's just ridiculous. There's bad. There needs to be some tremendous enforcement and clean oppose of those ways gets if you believe that's where it came from all you know it is. You know, you could look at it. Well, sir, Culture, blah, blah, But well, that doesn't necessarily mean it's healthy and right if you believe it came from a wet mile if you do well Hi way do need to know the source. We do need the source. I know when something bad happens to anybody in any way, shape or form. You want to be lto point, And it's because of that. You want to build much, but we need to China Hand picked these investigators as part of the World Health Organization. China's covering their ass, right? No, you can't. You can't trust China. We know that So no Chinese people. I trust the Chinese people. I don't trust the Chinese government. Never trust bad soup. If you're ever in the mood for bad, think twice. Yeah, so anyway, leaving. Check this out. A massive investment may soon be coming to Austin in the world of business. Samsung Austin semiconductors considering building a multibillion dollar chip making plant and its campus there in North Austin. They want to expand their footprint big time. Documents with the Texas comptroller's Office show. The company filed an application for the chapter 3 13 property tax breaks with the Maynor independent School district back in back in January. Those documents have now become public. K x ians. Terra Roman has more on this story. Damn sense in North Austin footprint could soon expand with a projected $17 billion manufacturing plant. It's one in this area and biggest in Texas. Nothing else comes close, according to document. Filed with the Texas comptroller. The company says it will create 1800 new jobs, but UT professor Nathan Jensen points out in another part of the same application. Samsung says it's on Lee committed to bringing a total of 45 jobs. 1800 is what people have sighted, but they're not obligated to create anywhere near that deal. Kramer with the Texas Taxpayers and Research Association, says companies usually deliver more the commitment It is what it is legally required. But above that projects typically bring an awful lot more documents show. Samsung is asking Maine or Iess Steve for a tax break for the next 10 years, Kramer says. It'll add up to a $285 million discount, but they're going to be paying over half a billion dollars in property taxes over the life of the project. But Jensen says there are other concerns to consider. When you get a lot of tax abatements, that means local property taxes have to go up. To compensate for it, or taxes on other business or services by cities and states have to have been defined by, however, Mon, KFC and news. All right. There you go. It's Bigfoot print out there. It's a huge footprint, and that's I'm very surprised that that would only provide 45 jobs. Have that massive. Of course. I don't know anything about what happened that first face. Yeah, that first. Yeah, it would be many more. Come on, man with that kind of expansion they're talking about certainly is gonna be a hell of a lot more than 45 people. Yeah. One of the first school district in the first place that they go to to get some sort of tax break in this case have to be the main R I s d but the people that they hire in the development that goes up around it. Those folks are gonna be property taxpayers and that a benefit the school district. I mean, it's It's kind of a juggling act and a lot of people listening. They don't want anything to do. You know, with any kind of tax breaks for big companies like this. We'll get understanding saying that very well, But I think what we will gain will far outweigh what we lose No doubt about it. So I think it would be a very worthwhile incentive to give. Do what we gotta do. We'll still come out ahead. I got him on that deal. Stay with us. We got Tech news. We got the day's top stories just coming up in just five minutes, four minutes from right now, Todd and Gone Show Jeffries here along with Don Prior. We want to tell you what a 21st century home energy really looks like. It's a home that produces its own net zero solar energy with the backup battery system, electric vehicle.

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