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Diem payments for the ten days the results took now walberg says he'll donate his extra money to the group times up and a talent agency that represents both walberg and williams says it will donate half a million dollars in williams name i'm anne cates former today show host katie couric said she had no idea of the sexual misconduct allegations the gut former caused matt lauer fired her it kills people magazine she was completely shocked by the news couric and lower cho hung most of the today show on nbc for nearly a decade from 1987 through to two thousand six i'm richard johnson and i'm susanna palmer from bloomberg world headquarters treasury secretary steven mnuchin threatened to target tax audits at residents of states such as california and new york that are seeking ways to restructure their state income taxes to lessen the blow of the new tax law mnuchin speaking at the economic club of washington friday said i can assure you we will audit the real estate taxes issue barron's reports some of wall street's most seasoned investors don't see an end in sight to the rampaging bull market as part of barron's midyear table discussion mary yoga belly jeff regan lack abby joseph cohen and fellow panelist said they expect to global economic strength and rising corporate profits to keep the stock market humming along though they said potential headwinds may come from rising treasury yields a resurgence of inflation and credit tightening on a worldwide scale meantime here comes another sign that the few remaining bears are finally giving up bloomberg's greg jarrett explains investment flows going stock worldwide jump to.

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