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I'm Dan Martin Republican Bill Schutte says democrat Gretchen Whitmer shouldn't be governor because she's lying about her handling of the investigation of sexual abuser. Larry Nassar Schutte Michigan's attorney general prestigious case Monday two days after the first woman to publicly identify herself as an our victim. Rachel den Hollander, says Whitmer decided not to pursue sex assault charges against Nassar in 2016 with Moore was an interim county prosecutor then Schutte says he took the case at the request of Michigan state university's police chief. He says, Dan Hollander statement speaks volumes with Moore denies GOP ad that says she refused to prosecute Nassar. She says her office was key in Nassar federal prosecution for possessing child porn, she stands by her work and says her record is supported by the evidence, a rookie Detroit. Police officer has been fired after allegedly posting a photo of. Himself on Snapchat in uniform with an offensive caption police chief James Craig told reporters that the officer was terminated following a Monday hearing he was suspended this weekend. After Craig saw the post with the caption, quote, another night to wrangle up these zoo animals, Craig has said he got numerous calls from officers who were disgusted by the absolutely unacceptable post, which since has been taken down the officer graduated two months ago from the police academy and was on probation Wham radar.

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