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Somebody trying to kill you in war, and then you come home and suddenly you're supposed to genie back in the bottle. It. There is just such a disconnect between the two that it doesn't. It actually doesn't puzzlement RN, people have trouble coming back in putting themselves into society because it is just so different I mean really light normal society is so is so artificial in some ways compared to the district of being in a place where life or death on the war that that there's no pretense there you know what you're supposed to be doing and everything, and then you come back here and they release all these rules, all these things that bound you around that that really have nothing to do with greed. And a sociopath because they don't. It strays something in you. It doesn't always work her back and they function just fine. Let me just say that zero people from the from the social forces community said, would you please write somebody? Who has his background? Isn't associate pat on I have. That's actually why there are. Now some some former seals in other special forces in the body guards in the book to have families and talk about the fact that that their wives, the wives really happy that they're now working for some arm. A NIETA because they stay in one place, the money's good danger levels burly low and gets home at night. And one of the reasons they exist is because so many people special forces could you please write one percent are background that isn't the sociopath and so guys this one's for you and that's that's why we have a lot of. Military that are just really regular guys with special special But so sweet a fan service a little bit. Yeah. I I've been really lucky in how many people who from these kinds of had talked over the years in told me stuff that that didn't go in the books of course, just to background had I not talked to real police officers had I not talked military Anita would not have had a trajectory of a character that she did because I wouldn't have known to to get it to her. She's easy about ten about ten years in between ten and fifteen years in mostly officers gets the court where they know where they know they're not going to be able to save the world anymore. They know that that's not how it works and you just get to where you want to go home. You want at the end of the day, and if you get out alive in and get to go home, then that's that's your victory and and. Socio. But I am fascinated with the fact that that someone who finished so well and not be you wouldn't pick them out because they just they just imitate what they see. Really really well, and then you have of course characters. Edward. Edward is the perfect actor. Now, most people his background or not he really could oscar-winner warning performance there. Between his alter ego. Ted Forced her US Marshal. Edward. A assassin to anything more dangerous than he is. But. I I love Edward in his growth as a character because honestly he was greatest sort of a bad guy. I had no idea. You would become a new best friend. I had no idea that that he had that kind of growth in him is a character So I in rituals characters it goes off does his own thing than shows up with done? I don't even know what he's doing. He goes. Oh. What really? Okay. Like like. I did not know he'd gotten engaged you anybody until like one page low needed coming down the escalator airport in meeting Donna. Oh my and then we both we both went. Oh I mean it was just like my mind was blown is like this can't be real I'll like. I love that I love that so much and. Well Edward is my favorite character in the series. South I love that he is still surprising you throughout the book still that Little Devil Oh my God Edward surprises me a lot of Edwards always been like that he's been one of the characters that goes off does his own thing comes back in it's a done deal. Yeah he doesn't ask permission. Debate you just like claw. This is what I've been doing. Well, I've been gone. How are you? Oh I love it, and that actually that brings me to our next question to you kind of touched on this a little bit. But in this book especially I talks about the importance of mental health and therapy is that a message that you're kinda trying to convey to readers these days? Absolutely. Absolutely. I started it started with a certain with annual going into therapy and talking about his time where he was he was running away and he got on the streets and he was addictive drugs and got claim because where leopards put let him in and we'll see got off drugs. And then even after became that, he's still not healthy not and he's been going to therapy and getting better in finding a happiness that works for him and I have so many readers. So many readers that have said that faneuil going to therapy had led them to go to therapy solves. The annual thought a clean stay. Clean had their sobriety. and. Once I heard that from the fans I thought you know I'm a big believer in therapy I've been in therapy. Often on by twenties I honestly you know every says, oh I wish I was my twenties again. Why do you offer? was like a man I barely survived my twist. What I want to go back. On. Your lucky. So in thirty two, begin to figure out who in what you are in or your forties done your work. Then suddenly you're new, you subtle in forties is was my favorite decade and so you begin to fill out your owner's manual each decade. And I love it. I love knowing myself more. I love not sitting around going I have no idea what's going on and you have to fake your grownup. Nobody tells you how to be a UP. there. So few rules I mean I am led the things have moved on. I, really am researching the past I do especially as a woman but at the same time I, think we throwing the baby out back bathwater and we have reached this thing where is to black and white everything's gray and You know a little bit of like here's how you be a grownup. Here's what you do. These are the things you do things you don't do it all agree on it but of course, we can't you know. I like. Brennan talking to her daughter and about a boy, she was seeing high school before last year. Said said Oh. You're going steady and she says what action a new study was just. That's when your exclusive each other and they usually extend your pin or did your classroom and you know you weren't gauge but you were steady were each other's and it was you know she says, introduces that would be so great. All I. Wish we had something like that. Because you know. Because I'm. Because I'm poly-amorous.

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