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That's going to happen on august fourteenth andrew. Maloney joshua franko trilogy i notice in tulsa Was it not was vegas. Just completely avoided Because of what happened in the second fight and also was at a difficult fight to make the third time While the to answer the first part of it We had finished our our Hotel deal here at virgin hotels. And we didn't have a las vegas site for so the result of the second fight had nothing to do with where it ended up. We were already scheduled to go to Tulsa in august. We're going to Tucson arizona in september. But we've got our schedule pretty well mapped out. You know wherever the dates are in the locations are that's where the fight would end up as far as Was it easy to make the match. They they both wanted. It was very easy. They both Felt that they're the better fighter and it's the third time we'll be charm for one of them who who would be like v. Ideal opponent. For josh taylor right now for for a homecoming fight. You know. there's the one that good fights which is a good action fighter He's actually talked about moving up and fighting bud put The the reality is he's got a mandatory for his next fight with jet counter. All and that's why it has take place Either in the uk or in germany wherever they in the foot Taylor's one of those guys if you remember when he won a broken To the national or international line limelight before regis program a real tough guy and he beat them and I'll just say towers the kind of guy you can make a lotta great fights with it you know. They're sixty guys on the screen right now but each of you could come up with a real good opponent for josh all. Yeah can i ask. A question is yeah. I want to ask you about a young prospect The puerto rican Edgar berlanga I'm real excited about that kid. He's twenty four seventeen. No we just had his his first go past the first round but he's very exciting so I'm i'm just wondering. When are we going to get him to go from that prospect level two more into the contender status Well that'd be real soon. 'cause i mean he's getting you know he's twenty four now getting to that point you know whole how old are you. I'm thirty seven is time right. No the domon nicholson fight was what we considered developmental fight. We tried to get edgar some rounds under his belt for quite a while and there were a couple of times we taught he would at least hear the bell for the second round. We used to tease at your. And say you don't even know what it's like to come back to your corner and sit on the store and get rents mouthpiece comes out on The the nicholson fight. was very important to him. He now knows he can go. Eight hundred rounds He almost stopped demanding. The last round but He ran out of time but it was very important in terms of conditioning in terms of the confidence factor But why we're not rushing edgar. He needs time to develop an and one eight round fight under his belt. Really is not A past to to fight and title contenders had i'd say probably a year away from fighting contenders but he's one of the most exciting kids They ever wanna watch. These is terrific. So i gotta i gotta it's not a question is more like I just wanna ask What was it like doing that. Time when bob and don king was going at it promoting china promote fights. What was that like. It seemed like the be the golden age of boxing In terms of their personal relationship or terms of boxing itself both bucket You know they're both the same age They're both there four months apart in terms. They warn the same year and Don's already ninety. Bob's gonna turn ninety in december They they they were on a parallel paths They were contemporaries. But don was mainly Interested in promoting heavyweights and and chavez. Senior and bob was usually in the smaller weights. And you know. I mean arum did do twenty seven mohammad-ali fights He was doing alley fights before king. Ever you know came around. But bob was doing the great light heavyweights of the seven days. All those guys who fought philadelphia he was doing The four kings leonard. Duran hagler hearns. He was doing alexis cirque wail and Wilfred benitez and carlos palomino danny so they never really clash and and the funny thing is a lot of people. Don't realize that the first leonard durant fight in montreal was actually promoted by company called be a decay. Which was bob arum don king. They co promoted that show and they co promoted trinidad versus delahoya and a couple other fights. So it's it's funny when you see them together I remember we went to a funeral in los angeles For for one of the For dan ghosts and they were both sitting on difference. Sides of the church Across the aisle from each other and bob was gesturing to dumb. Come on over. Superman decay was gonna sit with me so arm got over and they sat together during the dance funeral service. They get along The the the rivalry in the feud is is way overblown. I think they have a lot of respect for each other. Well i got just one or two popped up here from the people. We got emmanuel torres. This says what's your thoughts on the potential better. Be verse cannella as better be is on top rank and canellas been mentioned as a possible opponent. Yeah The fact that they have two different promoters is not a big deal It's very easy to make a deal if if any promotes if we promote it. Whoever promotes No problem. I haven't heard canals. Say he wants to play. Better be if but if he has something that could come together yeah. He's definitely expressed the and his trainer. Eddie renault so has expressed it thing again from a matchmaker standpoint..

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