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Jeffrey Toobin, Rudy Giuliani and Hunter bite and all walk into a bar and it all goes to hell. From there. It was the guy arrested for a plot to kill Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and it barely made a news ripple and I want my MTV and we'll celebrate vote early day with the fame. Music television network. Mo Kelly. Tomorrow night at six. If I am 6 44 stimulating talk by AM 40. It is the Conway show. On. We've got some news. I guess breaking news coming out of Texas. Right? So I say, I say D'oh, DJ unity, the arrest team game tables when they may be a little wild Even I won't Malli Dodgers win. Dodgers win 62 Ray's got a single home run in the ninth inning and final is Dodgerssix. Raise to that brings the Dodgers leading comfortably in this Siri's and that I just I literally just text a friend of mine. Well, Fred of ours, David Perez used to work here. Okay, five. And I thought I saw him in the stands. And I said, is that that home run go near. You said Yeah. Yeah. F yes. Here comes big. Yeah, so we almost I think he may have gotten that fall. I think I saw him. That's kind of cool. Right? Went always Arlington, Texas to watch the Dodgers in the world. Sherry's Yuen Yuen this bum them, Bob. Dr Buns over there. Maybe he bums, but they're my bums Top 50. Say, Hey, Willie Mays hits a three bag down the right field line. The next Dodger game is going to be tomorrow at 508 P. M. Andi, hold back. So my drives They're more wills. I love you so weak if I defy the J A. J. A. J. Or is that bat with the bases? Jamet? Yeah. The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Tampa Bay Rays taken 2 to 1 lead in the world. Siri's next game is tomorrow at 5 P.m. Sunday at five Await PM If the Dodgers win both they are You're world champion Los Angeles Dodgers first time since 1988 Mondo. What year were you born? Young man? I was born in 83 0. Okay, so you don't remember the 88 World Series? Yeah, I remember you were five. Yeah. Remember about it? I remember doctors one. Where did you watch it at home? Or did you go that watched at.

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