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News radio 1000 FM 97 7, stay connected, stay informed. Good evening, 6 31, it's 43 in downtown Seattle, and here's what's happening around the northwest. Emotional testimony in Olympia today during a public hearing on a bill dubbed Oakley's act. Oakley Carlson was under state supervision for parent neglect and vanished at age 5, two years ago in oakville. The update from northwest news radio's carlene Johnson. According to detectives, Jordan Bowers and Andrew Carlson Oakley's biological parents have not cooperated with the search for their daughter. Today Oakley's foster mom, Jamie Jo hiles testified in support of legislation that would require the department of children youth and families to more closely monitor families in their system and ensure children are not being harmed. If you can sit here and feel defensive in any manner for Washington D.C. YF that I'm here to tell you, you do not have children's best interest in mind. This isn't a money principle. It's an ethics principle. My daughter's life should not be used for an agenda. My daughter is missing and D.C. why I played a part in feeling a protector. Alice and singer with dcf told lawmakers rampant drug issues are at the root of problems with families in their system, but she said, ultimately, courts decide if a child is returned to biological parents. Every year approximately 750 infants are removed from their parents, were substance use disorder as a contributing factor by the department. Out of the bill, D.C., YF would have to perform casework supervision for a minimum of 5 years before conducting a final hearing and closing a case. Carling Johnson northwest news radio reviews continue to come in for Microsoft's new Bing search engine and its artificial intelligence, northwest news radio's John libertini tells us the reviews are both strange and positive. New York Times tech columnist Kevin ruse says about named Sydney told him it had dangerous and dark fantasies. It turned into this sprawling bizarre, often frightening conversation. Like almost the other side of a split personality. Silicon Valley tech expert rob injury says this kind of artificial intelligence gives what it gets. These AI constructs are learning through their interaction with people. Their goal is to increase their effectiveness and their value to the people that are using them. There are abuses, the experts say, and that has the opposite effect. I'm not professing the terminator vibe where they rise up and take over the world. But just recognize that the stories we told about machines that did exactly that often had his foundation, these hostile behaviors. In a statement, Microsoft tells ABC News, 70% of the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. John libertine, northwest news radio. Veteran character actor Robert Duvall spoke out against Amazon when he appeared at a town hall council meeting in warrenton, Virginia. The 92 year old star of The Godfather asked the council to deny Amazon, a special use permit to build a big data center. The vast majority of town and county residents agreed that this is a bad use of this site Duval received a standing ovation from the packed auditorium, but the council voted 5 to four to grant Amazon the permit. Northwest news time 6 34 ten to the roads we go. Let's get an update on traffic as we do every ten minutes on the fours from the high performance homes traffic center. Here's Natalie Melendez. In effort, I'm looking at a lot of congestion forming on east 5 26 a collision at airport road is blocking off the left lane. Bellevue both directions of one O 8 avenue fully shut down between 6 and fourth four construction until 11 tonight, and it'll take ten minutes to travel on I 5 north going from

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